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    I have 100+ pair of brake pads thats new in the box. Only problem is we don't know what they fit. Would take to much time to figure out what each one fits. Interested in selling them to someone who can make stuff from them.


    Verify what type of material the pads are made of, asbestos was used as a pad material for many years. The dust from the new types pads can be a hazard, so a dust mask would be prudent.

    asbestos is as hot proof as deadly if inspired, anyway is sure the blade is worked out from the the steel support of the asbestos containing pads , No idea about carbon grade of steel but i guess it should be low grade. It must not brake an resist to continue heating cooling, do not forget rain and snow . I got one of those in my scrap box and will find out and tell

    interesting idea! So did you heat treat this blade? any idea on the grade of steel?

    No heat treatment yet. Not sure of the grade, but it takes a lot of heat, being on an auto brake disc system. *Just a note : Recently, the left front brake locked up on our lovely Subaru Forester! It got so hot that it was smoking. Took one-half hour to cool down. Took it back to my friendly mechanic, cause he had just done a new complete brake job! He said" the disc pads are new and need to a brake in period" He was dead wrong, a small spring had rusted and popped off on the drivers side on the brake switch area. Cost .50 cents. to replace. He is no longer our friendly mechanic. I did the brakes myself. What a moron!

    Wow that could have been disasterous! Glad you are safe, I know that brake pads can take a lot of heat and abuse, thats what made me curious about the grade of steel. I am in the process of buying and building my shop up to build better quality knives. (72"x2" belt grinder, forge, kiln, buffers etc) I have a goal of making this a small side business, so im absorbing all the knowledge i can.

    Excellent idea! I wish luck and knowledge of the ages. I don't know if I would be able to do that. I am just having fun making stuff right now. So far I have made and given only one knife as a gift to a future Navy Seal. He was in need of a good knife!

    It would be on my term so to speak. I am not going to pump out a ton of knives for a profit. But more as an artistic releif and sell them to any intrested people. this along with my other projects of course! I'd love for you to take a peek at the few instructables I have and tell me what you think!