Make a Sword Out of Paper!!!!!



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Introduction: Make a Sword Out of Paper!!!!!

This Instructable will teach you how to make a sword out of paper. This sword is not weak and is very sturdy.  It will actually hurt somebody if you whack them with it.  Warning, don't whack anyone or anything with this sword as it may result in injury!  Have fun!!!

Step 1: Materials

For this Instructable you will need:
1. paper (obviously)
2. and a whole load of tape  (preferably duck tape)

Step 2: Roll the Paper....

In this step you will need to take about 50-75 sheets of paper and roll them TIGHTLY together.  The tighter the more durable.  Make sure that you have a piece of tape ready to tape it.  You will need about 3 rolls.  So make 3. 

Step 3: Tape the Rolls Together......

This is the tricky part! Tape the 2 rolls together. (As shown in the picture below)  Reinforce a lot of tape around the area were the 2 rolls meet.  Make sure the tape is applied tightly as this will increase the durability of the sword.  Tape all sides of the 2 roles also to increase the durability.  This will also decrease the chance of the 2 rolls coming apart.  Overlap tape to add to strength.  See pictures below for more information on how to tape the roles together.  Make sure you get the corners......

Step 4: Doing the Same Thing....

Now do the same thing as in step three except on the other side of the protector......

See picture.......

Step 5: Making the Point....

Take some more scrap paper (About 50-75 sheets)  and roll them starting at the bottom right hand corner.  Rolling the paper like this should form a shape identical to an ice cream cone.  A point at one end and a open cone at the other end.  (The place where you put the ice cream).  Tape the rolled paper at the bottom, middle, and top.  (see picture).

See pictures on how to roll and tape.....

Step 6: Applying the Point......

This is the final application to the sword.  Take the cone end (end that you put ice cream in) and stick it over the opposite side of the 2 rolls as the hammer.  Take the tape and wrap it tightly around wear the cone and 2 rolls meet.  Make sure it is tight as this will increase the durability.
Make sure you wrap tabe all around the connecting points.....

See picture for details......

Step 7: Decorate!!!!!!

DECORATE!! Now that your finished and everything is securely fastened you can decorate you sword in any way you like.  Spray paint, paint, tape, coloured pencil, maker, etc....... are all good things to decorate with.  As you can see in my photo I used black/blue electric tape to decorate mine.  I also wrapped the tape around the joints of the sword to give it more durability.  REMEMBER... Use a lot of tape around the joints to hold them firm.  In my picture you can also see that I completely taped my entire sword.  This again also adds to the durability of it.  Have fun playing with your sword!!!!!!!



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    i got all of this paper out of the recycling bin at our house. Its going to get reused anyways and becides if you don't want it any more you can always toss it back into the recycle bin its all paper and tape

    wat the bleep... dude... quit killing trees!