Picture of Make a Tardis Blanket

Make a Tardis that’s really truly bigger on the inside! And it’s comfy too.
When I thought of the idea I knew I had to make it. I made it as a gift for my friend that introduced me to Doctor Who. I've only seen around 12 episodes but I already love it!
This type of thing is often called a “quillow” it is a blanket that folds into a pocket and becomes a pillow.

You don’t have to use my exact methods and measurements and what not but I’ve tried my best to share what I did and how I did it so you can reproduce it or use it as a base to figure out your own. I consider myself a high level seamstress since I mostly create my own patterns but that being said, I feel this project can be accomplished by a medium level sewer. You need to know how to use a sewing machine and an iron but you shouldn’t have to be an expert and have sewn complicated things like wedding dresses, it’s almost entirely straight lines and I’ve done the math and measurements all ready which for me was one of the bigger challenges.  The video shows how it unfolds. Hope you like it!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
outside measurments.jpg
White words template.jpg
tardis notice.jpg

(“denotes inches)

Blue fleece large piece, 60 “x 40 “plus small piece 12”x 12 “

Black fleece 60 “x 40 “

Dark Blue fleece 60 “x 60 “

White fleece 60 “x 60 “

White fabric with high polyester content 2 pieces 8 “x 7 “

Sewing scissors

White, black and blue thread

Measuring tape or stick

T square or straight edge

Marking chalk

Tacky fabric glue

Fabric iron on crayons


Sewing machine

Inside and Outside measurement diagram

White letters template

Door sign template

Sticky lint roller

tshaw141 year ago
be careful with this one. material size of the black and blue needs to be at least 60" x 48" if you buy 40" as the materials list says you will have to make a pretty small blanket. other wise a good idea.
lthompson152 years ago
I REALLY LOVE this blanket. I'm planning on making it soon, but would change the lettering.. I would use waste cloth for the lettering, and cross stitch/embroider the lettering. it would look really clean. will post a pic of it when i am done. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I am making this for a friend and I know he will love it.
Tabitha de Luna (author) 2 years ago
Someone wrote to me asking how to adjust it to be a queen size so I put in another step with the results of that - glad everyone is liking the Tardis blanket/pillow :D
well I would love to travel in something like that only my mind would go like captain jacks after i while since it has no lid i will try and fix that... (rambles on about boring stuff)
pie popper2 years ago
So brilliant. I love the whole bigger on the inside concept with the pillow. ;) I have to go get some fleece now!
<3 this is amazing! I love everything doctor who related :)
Chimex143 years ago
LOLOLOL it is bigger on teh inside ^_^
i must learn to sew so i can make this.
Very Awesome!