Picture of Make a Tea Bag from a Coffee Filter
One of my coworkers brought in some really nice loose-leaf teas, but we didn't have any steepers around to brew the tea in. I poked around for a second and found some coffee filters, and decided to make my own tea bags to enjoy the tea.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this Instructable you will need: -loose tea -a coffee filter -a stapler -a mug

Step 2: Tea and Folding

Picture of Tea and Folding
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13, 4:02 PM.jpg
I added tea to the filter and then folded it into a little pouch. Reference my images for guidance.

Step 3: Staple

Picture of Staple
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Staple it shut so no tea leaves fall out.

Step 4: Brew

Picture of Brew
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And enjoy! I added too much tea to my pouch - so it was a bit strong, but I was able to get four pours from one pouch. Yum!
patdoll6 months ago

Thank you i had been given some loose coffee from a friend purchased a filter metal it broke before I could use it.I was looking at some flowers made from coffee filters found this and now I can make myself a nice cup of tea so needed on a cold day like today !!! pdoll