Make a Team Fortress 2 Sandvich





Introduction: Make a Team Fortress 2 Sandvich

Weighing 4 ounces, containing approximately 200 calories, 1.5 inches tall, +120 nutritional points included, with new meat!; The Team Fortress 2 sandvich edible device is the only thing other than the intelligence briefcase worth killing for.

Step 1: Ingredients

1: bread slices 2x
2: new meat
3: swiss chess
4: tomato slices 4x
5: lettuce
6: tooth picks 2x
7: olives 2x

Step 2: Preparing

This step is not very hard, just layer the bread, new meat, cheese, tomato, lettuce; then place on bread again .

Step 3: Finishing

finish the device by adding tooth picks and olives followed by cutting it in half. Now you can enjoy the sandvich edible device with its 120% health increase.

Step 4: Inspiration and Disclaimer

The design of this belongs to valve at
and the image of the blue print came from



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I actually made one before I found this but thank you I didn't know it had tomatoes on it


You should so put a camera behind it in the fridge and re-enact the "Meet The Sandvich sketch that Valve did XD

nice! it looks just like the one in the game =P

But it's better because you can eat it!!!!

hey, I've never played Swiss Chess before! is it fun?