Introduction: TicTac & Bubble Gum Holder

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Just a handy little tool for times at the office, when at meetings or whenever you just get hungry or need a breath mint. I got this idea because I find myself very quickly going through lots of TicTac's and Gum. So... Why not make something to hold them both? I guess you could call it a GumTac...

And I have tested it too, Perfectly works. Fits in your pocket and the TicTac's stay in place, because the gum prevents it from falling out.

Step 1: Remove TicTac's

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Remove the TicTac's and store them in a good spot.
You should have an Empty TicTac container and a Bubble Gum Packet.

Step 2: Removing, Cutting and Stuffing

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For this step you need a pair of scissors and some toilet paper. Why not paper towels? it is thick, so it would stand up more.

Stuff some toilet paper into the bottom so the gum will stick out farther for easier access.
Now cut the part that closes the lid off.

If you are using Trident pieces of gum, do not remove! It can prevent the small pieces from falling out.

Step 3: Fill and Done!

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Now just put the TicTac's to the side the lid opening is NOT facing, and the gum in the opening.

Ta Da! Your Bubble Gum and TicTac holder (Or as I say "GumTac") is Complete!

If wanted, cut a hole in the side the TicTac's are at the size of the lid seal you cut off, then put the seal in the hole so it sticks. This will make a door for easily dispensing TicTac's!


doyourdog (author)2009-06-22

This is just what I have been looking for great !! You should send it to the manufacturers you'll make a million

Atomman (author)doyourdog2009-07-10

Millions... Candy Holder.... I don't exactly see how :P

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