The tilt out trash bin was actually a project we made for a family member that was based on a Pinterest pin that was sent to us. Rather than make it identical to what was in the pin, we decided to put our own little spin on it and try some new things. It's a fun, somewhat simple and very practical and useful project.

What we used:

  • WOOD - Standard pine boards and a little plywood (1) 1x12 - 8', (1) 1x8 - 8', (2) 1x6 - 3', scrap 3/4" plywood - NOTE these are what we used and your design may be different depending on the dimensions of your trashcan.
  • HARDWARE - Drawer pull, (2) hinges, a bit of chain, (4) eye screws
  • OTHER - Paint, clear finish, sandpaper, wire brush

Make sure you check out the video, it shows a bit more of each step than the images do. Please enjoy and if you make it or something like it, we'd love to see it. Share it with us on here or on Facebook, Google+, etc.

Step 1: Making the Sides

The sides were made up of a glued-up panel. This consisted of a section of 1x12 and a 2" strip from the the 1x6. The length of these will depend on the size of your trashcan. A good idea here would be to add about 3 inches to that length you get to account for the tilt of the door.

Two panels were glued up for this and another was glued up off-camera that will eventually serve as the bottom of the inner compartment that the can sits on.

After the glue had dried, we cleaned it up with a chisel and then ripped down the panel to the final width we wanted.

<p>I have one that I built that uses gravity instead of hinges (and also uses the stop blocks). Add one piece of wood to the inside of the skirt on the cabinet (call it Tab A) and one piece to the bottom of the piece with the door (to create Slot B). Then insert Tab A into Slot B. In the first picture the door part is on its side with the bottom showing. The second picture shows the stop block. This setup makes it easier to remove the door part for cleaning (just lift and separate).</p>
<p>Oh wow, that's cool. Very clever design. I love it.</p>
<p>BTW, I like your finish and the design of the door. Very nice. These trash bin holders are great for keeping pets out of your trash and for keeping your trash out of sight.</p>
Nice can.. may i make a suggestion. If you put a small block of wood on inside bottom of can to hit the bottom plate. it will act as a stop and you can eliminate those chains. thanks for the video
<p>That's a great idea. I would prefer it without chains, but that is how the person we made it for wanted it. Thanks for checking this out.</p>
I have wanted to do something like this for as long as I can remember, not only in my kitchen but also in my laundry room and master bath for hampers. Thank you! This will give me a jump-start on those projects.
<p>Cool. Glad we could give you a jump-start. Thanks for checking our's out.</p>
<p>Very nice! </p><p>The kitchen at my house is tiny and we have a standalone plastic garbage... which is always in the way. And ugly! </p><p>Having something somewhat masked like this or even hidden in the cabinetry would be ideal. Good stuff :)</p>
<p>Thanks. Yeah, it would be cool to have it built in.</p>

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