While at my local brewery, I saw a pile of empty grain bags.  The head brewer was annoyed that the guy who was supposed to pick them up had not yet, and he was about to put all of them in the dumpster.  I had to do something, so I snagged a dozen or so, with the intent of making tote bags with them.  Here is the first one.

Step 1: Step One: Get Those Discarded Bags

Here is a picture of a pile of bags I got. 
make bag from bag! <br>
I've always wondered how to make these kinds of bags. Thanks for the great 'ible!
I love it too! A suggestion: if you fold and sew a triangle (pointing up) at each lower corner, it will square off the bottom of the bag. You may be able to save the whole artwork, plus put each bit of text, like &quot;Made in Canada&quot;, its own section.
If the recycling guy keeps flaking out, you could take his place and go into business.
Love it!

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