Picture of Make a Toy Soldier Halloween Costume for less than $50 (Or cheaper!)
This instructable will show you how to create a "toy soldier" Halloween costume. Sure to win any local costume contest! But don't keep it all to yourself, get together with a few friends, and create a whole army of soldiers!

Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
Below is a list of supplies that I used. Feel free to add additional items, or adjust the items to fit your specific needs. I found a trip to the local army surplus store to be very helpful. A simple Google search for "army surplus store" should locate the closest one to you.

Basic needs:

Base Plate
Belt Accessories (Pouches, Ammo, Grenades, etc.)
Face Paint
Plastic Gloves
Plastic Toy Gun
Spray Paint (3-4 cans)

Ventilation Mask

* These are the tools I used to create the base plate. The base plate could easily be made from foam, or a thin piece of plywood, but I felt the thickness of the wood really gave the costume that extra edge.
gazoutg2 years ago
can you sit on your 'destination' couch and chairs? wont paint stain their furnitures?
iOskr2 years ago
Looks great!!!
Toebak2 years ago
this is great
poofrabbit2 years ago
Love it!