This instructable will show you how to create a "toy soldier" Halloween costume. Sure to win any local costume contest! But don't keep it all to yourself, get together with a few friends, and create a whole army of soldiers!

Step 1: Supplies!

Below is a list of supplies that I used. Feel free to add additional items, or adjust the items to fit your specific needs. I found a trip to the local army surplus store to be very helpful. A simple Google search for "army surplus store" should locate the closest one to you.

Basic needs:

Base Plate
Belt Accessories (Pouches, Ammo, Grenades, etc.)
Face Paint
Plastic Gloves
Plastic Toy Gun
Spray Paint (3-4 cans)

Ventilation Mask

* These are the tools I used to create the base plate. The base plate could easily be made from foam, or a thin piece of plywood, but I felt the thickness of the wood really gave the costume that extra edge.
<p>Thanks for this; I'm going to do it for my costume this year. In Atlanta, Halloween is a clubbing holiday so I think I'll either add the radio kit or the mine detector instead of the gun. Also, I get really sweaty in gloves. Do you think a few &quot;hole-punch&quot; holes would ruin the effect?</p>
Thanks Mike, even if i won't find all customs &quot; belt, bombs,....&quot; in my country, but u did great job
can you sit on your 'destination' couch and chairs? wont paint stain their furnitures?
Looks great!!!
this is great
Love it!

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