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Welcome to my first Instructable! Hope you enjoy it.

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A few years ago, my wife had a client who wanted a table that looked like a tree for her breakfast nook. She had searched high and low, but couldn't find what she wanted. She heard that my wife, an artist, might be able to help her out. A couple of weeks later, she got what you see here.

We made this in our garage and forge, using scrap iron, Oriented-Strand Board (OSB), concrete countertop mix, and a few odds and ends.

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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials

Scrap iron
available at your local steelyard for ~$.50/lb or
FREE if you know how to scrounge (cue Sanford & Son theme)
  -5" x 16" steel pipe
  -1" square tubing, various lengths
  -12-gauge sheet metal scraps
  -1"x1" scrap angle iron

Wood: 1- 4'x8'x3/4" sheet of OSB, cut in half
1" x 4" boards for forming concrete

Concrete countertop mix (different brands available)

(2) Sheet expanded metal lath (~ $7 @Home Depot)
(1) Tube of Liquid nails or equivalent wood constructive adhesive
(1) Box drywall screws 1 1/4" long
Tar paper
(5) Wood screws 1/4 x 1" (to attach the branches to tabletop)
Felt furniture pads (little circles of felt available at Home Depot)
Concrete stains: yellow, red, and brown
Metallic paints: brass & copper
Concrete sealer

1/2" drill with mixer attachment
5 gal. bucket to mix concrete
Staple gun
Tin snips
Arc or MIG welder

Forge, hammer and anvil
Vise, hammer, & 3-4' length of 2" pipe
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thermallyme1 month ago

Thats awesome

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Its tremendous :)

Its magnificent :)'re making me blush! Thank you very much.

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Thats splendid...

Thats interesting



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Its wonderful

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Its helpful :)

Its wonderful

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Its extraordinary

Thats neat...

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Its brilliant :)

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Thats awesome...

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bearblue1 year ago


gazumpglue1 year ago

Thank you very much for your comments, Janice! I think that if someone takes the time to say something, the least I can do is thank them for it.

trinitygr61 year ago
I love your tree table. It looks so artistic. I think you are a great person to make a table. I would choose you for anything I want to make. You are fantastic artist. I will vote for you
KoomoriForge (author)  trinitygr61 year ago're making me blush! Thank you very much.
KoomoriForge (author)  cheesethumb1 year ago
Thank you very much!
KoomoriForge (author)  Janeska Malan1 year ago
Thanks, Janeska! It was fun to do.
KoomoriForge (author)  Janice Venter1 year ago
Thank you very much for your comments, Janice! I think that if someone takes the time to say something, the least I can do is thank them for it.
KoomoriForge (author)  sheepishbarber1 year ago
Thank you!
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Thanks so much!
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KoomoriForge (author)  WesZemel1 year ago
Thank you!
Very cool and neatly done. Would love to see the kiddies version MAApleton suggested if you ever get round to making something like that.
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