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Introduction: Make a Tree From Jewelry Wire

This instructable will show you how to make these fantasy style trees using jewelry wire. They are fairly quick to make, taking only an afternoon for me to make one for me, and could probably be done quicker. They don't need much concentration to create, so are great to make while watching tv.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these trees, you will need just a few materials:

Jewelry wire (mine was 24 gauge gunmetal), about 70 or so yards, more for thicker wire, less for thinner. Really any pliable wire will do, though it's harder the thicker you go.

Beads: Either seed beads, or larger spherical beads

Wire Cutters: If you have a small enough gauge of wire, you may be able to use scissors as I did

A ruler or other measuring implement, if you can't find one, it's not too important

Pliers: If you have a thicker wire, you may need these to help further on

Step 2: Cut the Wire

To start with you will need a lot of cut wires, about 110-120 for a thicker tree. You should cut them into strips about 50 cms long, it doesn't have to be exact. After a while you will be able to tell how long each piece should be when you pull it off the spool and won't need to measure it anymore. Remember, if you are using a smaller gauge wire, you will use shorter wire, and larger gauge wire will be longer.
To make counting easier, I piled them into groups of ten and tied them in a loose knot.

Step 3: Add the Beads

Add three of the seed beads (or one large bead) to the centre of each wire and twist to secure for about half a cm- a full cm each, repeat for each strand. This is by far the most time consuming part of the entire process, especially if you are using the seed beads.

Step 4: Twist Two Together

This part is almost the same as adding the beads, but instead of twisting shut to keep the beads on, twist two of them together just under the twist of the bead, twisting for about one to two cm. Every once in a while, to keep with the random nature of the trees, twist three together instead of two.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Like the title says, repeat step four again, and again, and again until you have three large branches, each step will become successfully quicker since there's less wires to twist! Just remember, twist each section longer then the last.

Step 6: Make the Trunk

Making the trunk is just like making the branches, twist all three together, but leave some untwisted at the end, we'll be turning those into roots in a moment. Depending on how thick/stiff your wire is, this is the part that you will most likely need the pliers for.

Step 7: Onto the Roots!

At this point we're going to twist it like before, but instead of adding, we'll be taking away. Start by seperating the wires into three groups and twist those, then keep splitting each one successively smaller and smaller till there are only three or four wires left twisted to your desired length. Trim any leftover wire off.

Step 8: Beautify the Branches

The last step to do is to just bend the branches and roots to a position you like. Depending on the wire you use, you may be able to let it stand on it's own as the two I've made with jewelry wire can, or you may have to attatch it to something else to use as a stand as with my middle one. After that it's all finished and all you have to do is decide where to put it!



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Here's mine! I also made a smaller one from aluminum wire, I'll post some pictures of it when I get a chance.

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what can I say..  I really had noting better to do today..

thank you for the lovely ible!

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 OMG! awesome!! lol


thank you.. :D
personally I don't like the beads on this one. but I didn't have anything else and the shops are closed on Sundays.. :(

I'm thinking of making a big one as wedding present for my aunt. I was thinking about maybe making it look like two trees that have grown in to each other.
if I don't forget I'll post a picture.


It looks great! And even if you don't like the beads, I love the idea of the two colours, I've actualy been thinking of using two different colours of wire in my next one, but the duo coloured beads look even better I think


about a month ago I told you guys I was thinking about making one as a weding present for my aunt.. and I did..

~62 meters of wire.
~180 beads (three diferent colors of small wooden ones and 8 (fake) pearls)
and a 6 kg rock

ps. this is somewhat of a WIP. I'm trying to get a little engraved plate on the front with there names and the date.

Can I ask how your roots are anchored? Glue?

Wow, it looks beautiful! I'm so honoured that you used my instructable to make a wedding pressent! Send my congratulations to the bride and groom!


I don't think you should over do it with th colors. ether take  colors that aren't to far apart  (like different shades of the same color) or if you use some completely different color only do a few. (like I did here)

but hey, I'm no expert... the only way to really find out what looks best is to try them all :D (I'm going to need more wire >.> )


 i think it looks just fine :) it kinda reminds me of those trees with the white flowers on them, if the wire was like a purple color it would look even cooler :D

So beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

This is my first one, and I believe it turned out relatively well. I didn't have much wire, I only used 60 strands, so it's small.

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very nice! i like the rock! good job.

This is so beautiful!! Do you know what size pearls you used. I just bought 4mm plastic pearls online and i want to buy another color so I am hoping they are the right size. Also, did you use two different sizes of beads? Did you use stainless wire? do you remember what size the wire was? Sorry for all of the questions, I really love your tree. So much, that I am going to try to replicate it. Thanks! and great job! Really.

how did you make the trunk for the first one you did? I am using welding wire (.035) which is evilly stiff like your 18 gauge wire, but you manage to get the trunk to twist nice and tight. your reply would be much appreciated.

I'll try once again...

Plavi.JPGzeleni bonsai2.JPGP1010089.JPG