Make a Two Bladed Wallet Knife From a Hack Saw Blade





Introduction: Make a Two Bladed Wallet Knife From a Hack Saw Blade

Make a Two Bladed Wallet Knife from a Hack Saw Blade

Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need a cheap hacksaw blade. Why cheap? So that the steel is right. High carbon not bi metal.

Bend and brake off a section of blade about the length of a credit card is long.

Step 2: Grind and Shape the Tip Your Blade. No Grinder: Use Aluminum Oxide Sanding Paper.

Grind and shape the tip your blade. No grinder: use aluminum oxide sanding paper.

Step 3: Keep It Cool by Dipping It in Water.

Keep it cool by dipping it in water.

Step 4: Grind the Teeth Off the Cutting Edge.

Grind the teeth off the cutting edge. The trick here is to only just grind off the teeth and no more as this is were the steel is the hardest and will keep the best edge. Note water dripping off blade: Keep the blade cool! or you will take the temper out and it will not keep an edge when you sharpen it.

Step 5: If You Want You Can Sharpen the Blade on a Sharpening Stone.

If you want you can sharpen the blade on a sharpening stone. But mostly it should be very sharp off the grinder.

Step 6: Now Make a Paper Sheath for Your Wallet Knife. Size Your Paper As in Photo.

Now make a paper sheath for your Wallet Knife. Size your paper as in photo.

Step 7: Fold Paper As Shown

Fold paper as shown

Step 8: Continue to Fold:

Continue to fold:

Step 9: Unfold and Then Fold Up Tip to Close End:

Unfold and then fold up tip to close end:

Step 10: Refold:


Step 11: And Tape Closed:

and tape closed:

Step 12: Hold Knife As Shown to Use:

Hold knife as shown to use:



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    Awesome. Small enough to keep in your wallet

    the hole looks like a good lanyard hole

    Doesnt look to effective. I have a inch long swissarmy folding knife and a larger knife disquized as a key. Just other options to small self defense tools. I really like they key. It was only 2 dollars but very useful and sharp I sharpened the point so it can allso stab.
    the bottom one is the exact one i have

    nice idea the saw blade idea is a good one.... ill probally make one to repace the razor blade in my wallet

    keep the razor dude.....just in case

    round the end and sharpen the dull side of this then you have a knifesaw

    is the thing for self defense or survival or something? if it is for self defense i have my jet black stiletto witch is bigger! but then again i wont always have my stiletto, i will make one of these knives that folds! ingenious!

    PlastiDip could work for a handle. Then still with the paper to save your wallet,coat, etc.

    I bet it would hurt just as much if you left the blade the way you bought it.