Picture of Make a USB Soda Bottle Lamp
I will show you how to make a USB lamp from a soda bottle and a flashlight bulb. This is my first instructable, so if I mess something up, please tell me.

Sorry for the bad pictures, the only camera I had available was my phone camera, and I couldn't get it to focus sometimes.
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Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List
Here is a list of the parts you will need.

> Soda bottle - I used a glass one.
> Flashlight bulb and holder - Make sure its rated about 5 volts or more.
> USB cable and connector (if necessary)
> PC (to power it with)
> Wire
> Glue gun & glue
> Solder Iron and solder

Step 2: Wire Up the Bulb

Picture of Wire Up the Bulb
Wire the USB cable's power wires to the bulb. One wire goes to the metal plate on the bottom, the other to the ring on top. Flashlight bulbs are not polarized (at least not the ones I've used), so it won't hurt if you connect it backward.

Afterword, plug it up to test it. If your computer says there is an overload on the USB port or suddenly shuts off, you have a power short somewhere.

Step 3: Glue Stuff

Picture of Glue Stuff
Glue the metal ring on the top of the bulb holder down, then flip it over and glue it to the bottle so the bulb points down (see pic).

You may also want to glue the USB connecter down, if you're using one.

Step 4: Done!

Picture of Done!
Connect the USB cable. Your new lamp should light up. If it doesn't, you probably either have a short, loose wire/cold solder joint, or a bad bulb. You may also want to put some tape around the top, so most of the light goes down though the bottle.

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