Picture of Make a VB Script to answer all of your questions
Ready for a stupid script idea I came up with? Here it is. It's an answer to all of you questions, two lines of code, and best of all it's fake!

You will need

-a Computer running Windows 98 or higher
-a Friend (or enemy) with a good sense of humor 

Step 1: Open notepad.

Picture of Open notepad.
This step is by far the easiest.




And then notepad should show up.
kingkennten3 years ago
this is not true! the stuff dont work!
Super_Nerd (author)  kingkennten3 years ago
This most likely WON'T answer your question correctly because it always says 7. Its a joke.
Not 7, its 42.
Super_Nerd (author)  The Ideanator3 years ago
Thats the REAL answer to the world problems. Mine is intentionally fake.