Make a VGA PRO (tm) Extender...


Introduction: Make a VGA PRO (tm) Extender...

About: I am Matthew Enderle, and my instructables are based on electrical and computer sciences.

I am Matthew Enderle. I will write a through instructable on how to make one of these. Please go to Step 1 for the bill of materials.

Step 1: Bill of Meterials.

You need to go to and get part of  these items.

   Item #                       Type                        Cost in $          Quantity
   16M3874           D-sub 15 pin                   1.50                        2
   83K8228        Modular Connector           1.01                        2
* 83F8733              Mini-case                       1.47                        2

or you can click this link to automatically add them...
|>Add Items to Cart<|

You will need wire. The  perfect wire for this, believe it or not, is ethernet wire. The kind i like the best is the wire with many strings, not one solid wire. The solid wired ones, when they are bent too much, they break really easily.

I made one of these using old ports from 2 videocards, and 2 networkcards. You could use that instead of buying new parts.

---Please procied to step 3 for the Schematics and diagrams---

Step 2: Schematics and Diagrams.

If the first picture is too confusing, use #2.

This is the text base version of it. First number is ethernet pin, and second is the VGA/hd15 pin.

1 - 14
2 - 13
3 - 3
4 - 7
5 - 2
6 - 5,8,10
7 - 4
8 - 6

*NOTICE ethernet pin "6" is indeed connected to all of the following pins - 5, 8, and 10. These are the R, G, B grounds.

Step 3: Recieve Your Parts.

Less than a week i received all my parts from Newark. The pictures show what i received.

Step 4: Tools Required.

You need to buy or get your tools.

You need:
1 Soldering Iron
1 thin solder spool
1 dremel - and a huge kit.
1 Hot glue gun
1 bottle of flux (solder paste)


You need to open all the packages. The  parts you will need out are the VGA and the project housing.



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    Great I dea but is it just me or are the "actual" intructions on making this missing? From the schematic diagram it wouldn't be hard to figure out how to secure everything into the box but this instructable basically shows the materials and tools needed but not the tutorial itself.

    3 replies

    You are right, the instructions are not posted. I fuigured that not many people would care about this project so I didn't waste my time. Instead I put more time into my CAD tutorials on my page.

    Even a picture of the final product with the case opened would be nice.
    How far did you extend your VGA with this method?

    I don't have this I made it for a teacher at school for extra credit, so I no longer have it.

    probably a real dumb question, but can I use this if there is a swich/router in the middle? i.e. can I use this in my network or do I have to run seperate cables for this to work?

    1 reply

    I'm sure you kinda did or didn't do this already, but that is highly not recommended. The Ethernet switch/router puts out a different voltage and something is determined to break. i only posted this incase someone else has this question... sorry for being late, i don't know what happened.

    What about quality signal with high resolution?

    1 reply

    the quality is like a regular cable... just will be horrible if you use a Y-cable (no power cord) and not two ports off the computer or a powered VGA splitter.

    hi, how is the configuration for the cat5 connectors to plug it in...


    1 reply

    The configureation is really any ethernet cat5 cable used for internet or networking. a crossover cable WON'T work.

    Standerd colors if you make a cable are
    wight orange
    white green
    white blue
    white brown

    As long as both ends have the same wires in the same pins you'll be good.

    I've gone serveral hundred feet with very little disturbance. mainly  the refresh rate.

    What is the max range of this before signal loss?