Make a VHS Box IPhone Dock!


Introduction: Make a VHS Box IPhone Dock!

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Ever wondered what to do with those millions of VHS boxes you have lying around the house? Have you ever considered buying an iPhone dock, but decided against it because of the cost? Do you need something to do? If you answered any of those questions with the affirmative, then this project is for you! On Etsy the other day, I saw someone who had made a "Book Dock" for their iPhone, and thought I would try to make one. As I was looking on the shelf for a good book to make a dock out of, I noticed the millions of VHS boxes I had, and thought, "Why not make a VHS Dock?" That's how this project came to be.

P.S. This is my first instructable, so please comment and tell me how I did!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Here is what you're gonna need to make this amazingly awesome iPhone Dock.

- Old VHS box
- Pocketknife (or scissors)
- iPhone charging cord

Step 2: Cutting a Hole

First, you need to cut a hole for the cord to go in. To do this, I found the center of the box, moved my knife along the center line to the edge of the box, and stuck the knife in the box. Then I slowly moved it side to side to make it big enough for the USB side to fit through.

Step 3: Put the USB Through

Now you need to put the USB SIDE of the charger through the newly cut hole. Just be careful and slowly push the USB through, and try not to make the hole too much bigger. You may need to open the box and pull the USB through once you get it started.

Tip: It may actually be easier to put the 30-pin side through the hole to begin with, and not worry about threading the USB through it. And be careful not to make the hole too big!!!

Step 4: Position the Cord

Next, pull the cord until the 30-pin side (the side you plug the iPhone into) is resting on the VHS box. Make sure the side with the little grey box is facing towards you so that your iPhone dock doesn't end up being backwards.

Step 5: Cutting Another Hole

For this step, you'll want to use either the scissors on your pocket knife, or just regular scissors. You need to line up the cord with the back of the box, and then cut a slit there for the cord to go through. Close the box to see if the cord fits through your slits.

Step 6: [Super]Glue Everything!

This is my favorite step - we get to use SUPERGLUE!!!! WOOOOO!!!!
First, place a generous amount of superglue around the first hole you made, and then press down the 30-pin piece. Once that is dry, open the VHS box and line one edge with superglue. (Tip: If you don't use enough superglue, the dock may not be able to support the weight of your device.) Now shut the box, make sure all the glue is dry, and you're done!

Note: You could place sugru around the 30-pin to place it rather than using superglue. That might actually make it look better.

Another Note: I added some Elmer's glue around the base of the connector for added stability. This is a good idea

Step 7: Did You Make It?

If you made this, please comment with or without a picture and tell me how it went. Also, let me know if there are an changes I should make.



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    I think it would be cool to have one of these inside:
    It would also solve the weight problem :D

    5 replies

    Now THAT would be cool. You could just plug the iDevice into one of the ports, and cut some holes for the other ports and the switch. Then you would just have a power cord running out of it.

    Yea. I may actually do this. Well, once I find an extra 10 bucks laying around. :)

    Ill post a pic. It may be a while though.

    Really neat idea. Thanks. I think I might add some weight inside the dock. I'd be worried it would tumble off. Cool instructable!

    1 reply

    Thanks! Some weight inside the dock might not be a bad idea.