Picture of make a windows home server
Virtual Home Server
this instructable is meant to help you make a Windows Home server without the need for a spare PC!

For this you will need:
A fairly decent PC (Dual core, 2 gb ram, around 200 gb free HDD)
a copy of windows home server (install dvd and software)
Oracle virtual box
around 3 hours of free time
the internet (for getting extra goodies after!
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Step 1: Install Virtual Box

This step is fairly self explanitory, download Vbox from
after you have downloaded the software and installed it, you can move on to the next step!

Step 2: Setting up the VM in virtual box

Picture of setting up the VM in virtual box
name os.png
click next.png
To begin, open virtual box and click "new", this will bring up a new window, click next to begin creating the VM.
Name the new VM "Windows Home Server" and select operating system  Microsoft Windows and Other Windows. click next
select your base memory to around 700 MB for best results, select more if you can. click next
leave all these settings as default and click next and the create new VHD window will appear.
select next and leave the box at Dynamically expanding storage. click next and set the size of the drive to 80GB, click next and click finish then finish again.