Picture of Make a Valentine Video
I decided to make a video for valentine's day inspired by drawing with light. http://www.instructables.com/id/Write-or-Draw-with-Light!/

I added my own guitar and singing for background and ideas.

Drawing with light is very time consuming with a digital camera that only allows up to 4 seconds exposure time and up to 40 seconds in between taking pictures so I added stop animation and pictures to the video.

Step 1: Audio

Picture of Audio
Pick some audio to go with your video. It could be a song, you could use one you have, play guitar and/or sing. Print out the lyrics, get ideas to illustrate the words, or write your own.

I like to play Oasis' Wonderwall so I first recorded it with my Digital Camera. Once I started adding a lot of animation the sound quality was bringing down the video so I re-recorded guitar and voice separate using garage band.
estellalopez3030 made it!6 months ago
Para Mi Amorcito Te Amo Francisco
tudgeanator7 years ago
Nice,i'm sure your girlfriend loved it. I won't comment on your singing.
apuschak (author) 7 years ago
Thanks, I appreciate that. But I do need to work on since I only sing when I have to, like playing guitar twice on stage:

Sounds like they recorded it IN the bass amp...haha.
iKill7 years ago
good video im sure she loved it, but no offense i cant listen to wonderwall any more :( just work on the singing the guitar was good though
apuschak (author)  iKill7 years ago
thanks, i don't sing, and i cringed every time i heard it working on it :/
Like most people, they don't like hearing their own voice, but theres nothing wrong with your voice in this at all. I like listening to it.