Step 16: Congrats

Now all you have to do is to fill the cup with dirt, place a few pretty flowers into it and congradulations!! You have made your own personal pokemon that grows your own flowers!
Feel free to leave any questions or suggetions down in the comment box below.
Have Fun!!!
<p>I adore the idea. The only thing that would concern me is how well it withstands water. It is a planter. It's holding a watered flower, and given its outside rain. really weather elements all together. Heat, humidity, rain, snow, hail. I feel like it may withstand the hail and the heat, but humidity and rain would be its death. How well has yours held up under the weather?</p>
Yes!!! New favorite thing ever! Great job!
Cute and handy. :) <br>Hopefully it can with stand water. <br>Might be a bit difficult considering its paper mashe.
Yeah, it's really more for aesthetics rather than practicality, I'm glad you like it!
ui, this is very cute! Good work!
woulda looks more like an ivysaur with those flowers. venusaur has bigger ones. <br>
This is brilliant! I wish I had thought of this!<br>4.5 starts &amp; Fav'd. ;)
Thanks everyone for all this positive feedback!! <br>Glad you all like it :)
What a great idea! Best way to grow flowers!
OW MY GOD YOU ROCK!you are so talented i with i could make such cool things p.s Pokemon rocks
this is so cool. i cant wait to do one. i mean Venusaur. :)
Only one word can express how nice this 'ible is... amazing! :-O <br>-blueblobbs

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