Introduction: Make a Wire Heart Finger Ring

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This gurl thought she'd share the process of how to make a wire heart finger ring, just in case ya have a sweetie who'd like one.

Step 1: What You'll Need

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You'll need wire (I used 20 gauge), round nose and cutting pliers and a glue stick or lip balm in order to shape the ring to fit your finger.  You can always use your finger too!  It may take you a few times to master this, so I suggest using scrap wire if you don't want to use up your red colored wire or precious metal wire.

Step 2: Cut the Wire

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Cut a piece of wire apprx. 5 inches.

Step 3: Shape the Wire

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Shape the wire on the glue stick or lip balm.

Step 4: Now You Have a U Shape

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Now you have a 'U' shape.

Step 5: Bend Left Side

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Bend the left side with your round nose pliers just a bit above where the ring will hit the top of your finger.

Step 6: Make a Larger Bend

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Make a larger bend using your round nose pliers.

Step 7: Pull & Flatten

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Pull the wire down for the first side of the heart and flatten it so it is on the top where it would lie on your finger.

Step 8: Repeat for the Other Side

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Repeat for the other side.

Step 9: Connect

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Using your round nose pliers, connect the left side of the wire to the base with a small loop.  You want to make sure it's tight and cut any excess wire so it won't snag on your finger or clothing.

Step 10:

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This is the side connected to the ring portion.  The ring portion is the large circle part on the top left.  Repeat for the other side by pulling the wire end up to the left and connecting.

Step 11: Connect Other Side

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Your heart is shaped. Flatten down so it lies on top of your finger.  You may have to wrangle the heart shape a bit to your liking.  Clip any excess wire.

Step 12: Yer Done!

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Yer Done!


Alja0214 (author)2016-02-04

I'm trying to make it but step 10 and 11 are totally giving me a problem. Am I connecting the bent wires to opposite sides of the ring base?

MomOf3Es (author)2012-05-04

This is such a cool ring!! Thanks for sharing!

williamj11 (author)2012-01-24


williamj11 (author)2012-01-21

what if u only got copper wire?

maize (author)williamj112012-01-21

You can use any wire you wish! ;)

kazmataz (author)2012-01-20

Cute and simple - perfect for an easy Valentine's gift!

williamj11 (author)kazmataz2012-01-21

lol, at least u got someone to give it to
everyone hates me

maize (author)kazmataz2012-01-20

Thank ya! I'd appreciate your vote for the Valentines Challenge. :)

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