Is this lucky little birthday boy/Minecraft freak holding the world's first Wither Plushie? Although highly improbable, it's possible... Want to know what else is possible? The ability to create one of your very own. In this Instructable I will help you craft a Wither for youself, a friend, or anyone else who was lucky enough to have met your acquaintance.

Below are the basic tools that you will need
Sewing machine
Sewing needles
Seam ripper
Ruler or Yard stick or t-square
Right angle ruler (optional)
Push pins
Masking tape
Clear tape

Below are the materials that I used to create my Wither. You may substitute these materials for others but keep in mind that the fabric will reflect the overall quality of the final product.

I purchased all of my materials from Joann's. If you're doing the same then check their website for coupons before you go or download their app to get the coupons. Another thing to consider is if you have a competing store nearby you may be able to price match items and coupons.

Materials (click for direct link to product on Joann)
Fabric - 1 Yard of Costume Suede Caviar Solid Alova
Ribbon - 1 Yard of 1 & 1/2" Wide ribbon ( Not listed on Joann website but pictured for reference) 
Thread - 100M Thread (color "Flint")
Thread - 250 Yards (color "black")
Stuffing- FiberFill Stuffing 32oz 
Marker - Sharpie Metallic Silver pack of 2 

Fabric - $8.99 used 40% off coupon $5.39
Ribbon - $1.49
Thread - $1.80
Thread - $2.99
Stuffing- $8.99 on sale for $5.99
Marker - $4.99 price matched at Michael's with 40% off Joann coupon $2.99

Total 20.65 + 7% State Tax
Grand Total $22.09 (YMMV)

If your store doesn't have the Caviar Solid Alova here are two other fabrics that are similar. I was considering both of these fabrics but ultimately chose the Caviar Alova.

Sew Classic Suedecloth-Caviar Solid Microsuede 01626233

Costume Suedecloth -Black Fringe Alova 7845662 (its has a fringed end pictured online but in store it didn't, possible mistake on my part)

Step 1: The dimensions, tis confusion.....

   So before we embark on our journey, we need to first decide how big we want our Wither to be. In my previous Minecraft plushie projects, the dimensions were derived by counting each pixel or block on a mob and converting it to an inch. This methodology would have ended up making a Wither that is 27" high by 24" wide. Personally, I had difficulties trying to fit all these dimensions within the one yard of fabric. So I decided to decrease the Wither's size by 25% which resulted in a mob that spanned 20 & 1/4" high by 18" wide.

  The dimensions far below are the in-game block dimensions. If you decide to reduce the size of your Wither as I have, then you will have to multiply each dimension below by the percentage of decrease. So for example, if you wanted to make a Wither that was 20% smaller than the block dimensions, then the equation for the main head would be...... 

8 X .20 = 1.60
8 - 1.60 = 6.4

Click here to use this tool to change your decimal into a fraction.

So 6.4 as inches 6.4" = 6 & 6/16" or 6 & 3/8"

For those who wish to craft a Wither at 75% of its full size, I have added a picture that has the dimensions as well as the number of pieces that need to be created for each part. 

Naturally as with any sewing project you are going to leave some extra material on the outside of your work piece. You will need to do this for all of your pieces. So for example, if your first measurement is 6" (L) x 6" (W). Your actual dimensions are going to be  7" (H) x 7" (W), leaving 1/2" of space on all sides. V

Dimensions in-game blocks ( Length x Width x Height )

Main Head 
Length  8     
Width     8
Height   8

Sub Head (shouldered heads)
Length  6
Width     6
Height   6

Length  3
Width     3
Height   16

Length  4
Width     4
Height   4

Shoulder Easy (easier but not to true dimensions)
Length  20
Width     3
Height   3

Shoulder Harder (truer dimensions)
Length   Top         16
Length   Middle    16 
Length   Bottom   20
Width     3
Height   3

<<<<<< WHOA! .......Hey everyone, thanks for all the positive feed back. The comments truly are inspiring. Hopefully I will have something else interesting in the not too distant future.
<p>I love the plushes you make and I would die for them!!!!</p>
<p>Well, you don't have to die to make one, but after you craft it, I cannot be liable for anything that transpires. As you may or may not know, Withers can be quite the handful, with all of their flying around, careless misuse of lethal weaponry, extraordinary tenacity, and general reaping of havoc, usually resulting in large areas of devastation in their wake. Sometimes we really need to be careful with the things that we wish upon ourselves. Just saying... ^_^ </p>
<p>From our Mom: Thank you for the thorough steps. Never sewn anything before in my life. Well maybe once. Our boys love it and want to play with it all the time. </p>
<p>Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on making your Wither, it seems remarkably well done. It's such a laborious process, but the glow on the face(s) of the recipient(s), is undoubtedly, worth the effort. I'm sure that your boys will always remember the Wither that their Mom made for them. Hopefully, he will survive all the rough play. Keep your sewing needle handy, Mom. :) </p>
<p>I had some trouble with the shoulders and this took me forever to make but I am so proud. I made this for my best friend who was moving out of state. Thanks for the instructable! I loved it!</p>
<p>I feel ashamed that you posted this over a year ago and I'm just now reading it; however, it doesn't diminish the fact that you did an awesome job! </p><p>The love that you tediously put into every one of your stitches is a clear indication of a truly genuine and heartfelt friendship. Only a true friend would selflessly go through such great lengths, in order to express their gratitude and I'm honored that you chose to use my instructable, in order to symbolize that.</p>
Thanks for the help. we never could have done this without you!
<p>Finally finished!! Great instructions, thank you very much for sharing. I will say I am glad to only have one child lol. I do not see myself making another one of these :)</p>
<p>He looks great! I'd be proud to call it my own. Your son's very lucky to have a mother like you :) </p>
I love withers
So cool and how did u make that
awesome <br>
I now really want to make this. Is there any chance you can make a creeper soo?
I'd love to see your plushie when your done. &lt;(^_^)&gt; ...... Also, I've made a Creeper but I feel the Instructable linked below has already covered the process well enough not to merit making another. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Minecraft-Stuffed-Creeper-Doll/ <br> <br>The only thing I would have done differently is to have used a different material. <br>Below is a link to the material I used for my Creeper. Its really not that expensive and gets even cheaper when you use a coupon. <br>http://www.joann.com/soft-n-comfy-fabric-green-plain-/xprd862695/ <br> <br>By the way you can see pictures of the Creeper in my Slime Instructable. Step 9 has some good ones lol. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Slime-Plushie-from-Minecraft/
AWESOME!!! my son would love this..so cool..inspiring! I need to make some MC plushies!
Thanks, Christmas is only months away and it sure would fit nicely in a stocking.... Now get to work! lol
Eeeeee!!! It's perfect. :D
Thank you :)
Wow! You put a lot of work into the design and construction and it really shows with the finished plushie! Nicely done :)
Yes, all the hard work really did pay off. Thank you for your kind words.
You are my new favorite person on Instructables :D Making this ASAP!!
I'm flattered, thank you.
How many wither skeleton plushie did you have to kill to make that?
I guess I should have added the disclaimer. No Wither skeletons were harmed in the making of this Instructable. :)
Ill kill all the livestock I can with my pet wither
I really LOL'ed
awesome. just plain awesome
I want to make this, this is so cool ^_^
Very cool! My wife and I made my little sister a creeper plushie for Christmas!

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