Step 6: Cinch the logs and lift.

Notice how the pipe (held in hand up higher) is snaked through the ropes down below.  Then, the lifting action causes a sliding choke chain movement. 
<p>Corks on the ends would do nicely....</p>
Great idea! I plan to make one. But I want the rope extra long and secure it with a slip knot so I can adjust for different bundle size.
Good instructable, they need to make a one picture instructables section for a well made picture/drawing that explains the whole project in one step like this one.
Can also be made as makeshift-version: <br>- Replace the PVC with smaller logs/branches <br>- Dont drill into, but tie around the PVC/branch <br>This way, you theoretically only have to carry the 2 small ropes on your journeys :) <br> <br>But nice instructable! Gave moe some ideas for my next hike and the wood-collecting-problems... :)
Orngrimm, <br> <br>Good idea - nice insight that you could pull this off with just the rope... <br> <br>On instructables, I really like learning things that maximize the benefit per unit of input. I think your idea might be even better with this equation. :) <br>
I like it! Simple and to the point, my kind of method.

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