Step 6: Cinch the Logs and Lift.

Notice how the pipe (held in hand up higher) is snaked through the ropes down below.  Then, the lifting action causes a sliding choke chain movement. 
muy practico
<p>You know what else makes a bad ass wood carrier ----- one of those big blue IKEA bags. Costs 50 cents.</p>
<p>Great idea! Worth adding to my head, displacing some of the clutter </p><p>Can I suggest a small improvement. Instead of the knot you use as a stopper, use a figure of eight knot. It holds better in the hole and is easier to undo (doesn't jam). Just start the knot as normal but before feeding the end of the rope through the loop bring it round to the next side. The knot will look like an 8. See </p><p>below!</p><p> </p>
<p>Corks on the ends would do nicely....</p>
Great idea! I plan to make one. But I want the rope extra long and secure it with a slip knot so I can adjust for different bundle size.
Good instructable, they need to make a one picture instructables section for a well made picture/drawing that explains the whole project in one step like this one.
Can also be made as makeshift-version: <br>- Replace the PVC with smaller logs/branches <br>- Dont drill into, but tie around the PVC/branch <br>This way, you theoretically only have to carry the 2 small ropes on your journeys :) <br> <br>But nice instructable! Gave moe some ideas for my next hike and the wood-collecting-problems... :)
Orngrimm, <br> <br>Good idea - nice insight that you could pull this off with just the rope... <br> <br>On instructables, I really like learning things that maximize the benefit per unit of input. I think your idea might be even better with this equation. :) <br>
I like it! Simple and to the point, my kind of method.

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