Introduction: Make a Wooden Game Cube

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Great for playing chess, cards, Monopoly with Grandma, etc... It's not quite the same as Nintendo's GameCube, but it will cost you a lot less, and if you wanted to, you could even have dinner for two on it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

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As seen in the picture, I used a pair of metal snips, an electric drill, small-holed metal squares (for the corners), a box of screws, and large wooden panels for the sides.

Step 2: Make Pyramids

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Draw an X on the squares. Then cut out one of the triangles using the snips.

These metal pieces will be sharp after you cut them. I recommend using something to dull the edges, like a grinder. A grinder will also make some fun sparks. Dan demonstrates grinding and sparking in the picture.

I used the edge of a table to bend the pyramids into shape, a hammer may be needed if your metal is too thick to bend with your hand.

Check out the video to see some sparks in the dark.

Step 3: Build the Box

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Before building the box, we added supports using small pieces of 2x4. Basically, one goes on each end of the square. Then the sides all screw into them, instead of each other. If you look at the picture below where Dan is pointing at the support, just imagine him pushing that 2x4 to the edge, screwing it down. Then doing the same on each edge. The other panels then screw into the 2x4s.

Step 4: Box + Pyramids

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Dan will point you through this: You'll need some screws. Dan shows you one in the picture. Screw the pyramids onto the box corners. Voila! You have a game cube.

Step 5: Play a Game

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Find an opponent of similar skill and intelligence to challenge. Needless to say, I lost this match, but the war will wage on.


GASSYPOOTS (author)2012-03-20

now how do i use my disc with it...

Director13 (author)2009-06-03

Stempunk it, see the video and as a 6 sided game box you can put games like chess, backgamon, a poker table for 4, etc. but i recommend just using like 3 sides so it wont get dirty, the playing sides.

ibayibay1 (author)2009-03-15

u dont haveta point

REA (author)2008-08-11

not to be mistaken for the Nintendo GameCube.

A good name (author)REA2008-10-13

That would explain why I can't play Mario Kart on it O_o

slimguy379 (author)2008-06-30

you should paint / glue a different game to each side of the cube so you can have 6 games at the same time

coolmatt (author)2008-01-06

if you want to make to chess guys to heres is a site, i've made it and it is cool.

JakeTobak (author)2007-04-27

I thought you were gonna show me how to make a wooden Game Cube case.

ARVash (author)JakeTobak2007-04-27

Yeah i feel kinda cheated, I wanted an electronics instructable, but this is still pretty cool :P.

Hawaii00000 (author)ARVash2007-11-08

I was thinking the same.

ich bin ein pyro (author)2007-04-27

you lost against a 4 year old thats just sad and you cant see anything in the video and whats with all the finger pointing?

This is pretty cool looking

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