Now that the holidays are here, its wreath season! Show your joy for the year by creating a unique wreath for your door or living room! Making your own wreath is fun for the whole family!
Scrounging the ground of my apartment complex, I found some good wreath making fodder. In this tutorial I'm using (what i think are) fir branches. Last year I made this with branches from a cedar tree...
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I have seen ornament wreaths similar to this in the store for $25 - $30, but you can make your own very easily and it is inexpensive.  Total cost to make this wreath is less than $10.
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My hubby would say that is a bad thing... but then again he has the Beastie boys song "She's Craft" as my ring ton on his phone and he always does the shifty eyes when he talks with someone about my c...
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My mint plant has taken over the garden, plus I need a pretty wreath for the holiday season.  Let's put this aggressive plant to good use.
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Don't throw out that wrapping paper! Sure, you might have come up with a great way to wrap your gifts in an environmentally friendly manner, but that doesn't mean that the people giving gifts to you ...
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You can make a wreath out of just about anything as long as you have enough of them and you can figure out how to attach them. Here's how to make a wreath out of Barbie dolls.Mention of this project ...
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How to make a decorative moss wreath for your home.You will need:- a styrofoam ring- some moss (both fresh and fake will work)- a glue gun- ribbon- pins- other decorations (optional) 
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If you are of a certain age, and a certain demographic, you may remember making Christmas wreaths out of punch cards. (I can't remember a time when CDs weren't the preferred form of data storage, but ...
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Here's how to make a small holly wreath out of some green duct tape.  This could be a great project for the whole family to get in on.
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Another way to put old Christmas sweaters or other scraps of fabric to good holiday use is to make a wreath to hang on the door. This wreath is really a continuation of the last instructable I posted ...
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