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It has been a while since i posted my last instructable, where i showed you how to make an awesome arduino based laser engraver running on GRBL. In that instructable, I said I designed the laser engraving machine that way, so you could easily convert it to a cnc router by adding a Z-axis to the machine. In this instructable, I will show you how to make a Z-axis for this cnc router. While I was doing that, I made some improvements to my engraver for a better engraving quality, but more on that later in this instructable. I have 3D-printed the whole Z-axis. Why? Because i can! And of course because 3D-printers are awesome :). If you don't have a 3D-printer, or can't affort one, you can just use an online 3D-print service like 3Dhubs, this is a very easy way to get your things printed. As usual, I made a bill of materials and included all the printing files in this instructable so you can make this Z-axis with no trouble, if you just follow this instructable.

I started to make this Z-axis just for fun, I'm not really in need of a cnc router right now. I love making things and I thought: Why shouldn't I give it a shot? But as I am currently also working on building a CO2 laser cutter, I decided to stop working on my previous machine, but I still wanted to share what I've made. I hope you like it!

Step 1: Bill of Materials

* 12 mm x 500 mm linear rod:

* 4 pcs LM12UU 12mm Linear Ball Bearing:


* 2 pcs Nema17 Stepper Motor:


* nuts and bolts

* M10 rod

* 1 pcs 10*26*8 6000-2Z radial shaft ball bearing:


Everything you need to buy to build this Z-axis is mentioned above, all the other things must be made with a 3D-printer.

<p>is there any code i need to add to the Original to make it cut in depth? </p><p>like reating certain steps or going up and down?</p>
<p>Made in Belgium :D</p>
Interesting build! The picture of your parts was really nicely arranged :) If you could share some addition pictures of sample projects that you've cut using the Z-axis, that'd be great!

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