Make a Zinc Air Battery





Introduction: Make a Zinc Air Battery

About: NurdRage is a dedicate group of science nerds trying to further amateur science with direct how-to instructions in video format. We saw what was already online and we thought "we could do better".....

In this video we show how to make a Zinc Air Battery.

First you'll need to make a solution of 50g of sodium hydroxide in 150mL of water. Stir it until it completely dissolves. Be careful as it will heat up a lot. Set it aside to cool.

Now get a zinc sheet (we cut one out of a carbon zinc battery in a previous video: and attach a wire to it and attach another wire to some steel wool. We then wrap the steel wool with a paper towel to serve as a separator. The zinc is then wrapped around the paper towel/steel wool and the whole assembly is placed into a container. The steel wool has to be exposed to air to allow the oxygen to get in. The electrolyte of sodium hydroxide is added and the battery is ready.



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    Can you please tell me what function the steel wool serves? Would appreciate an early response, as I have a project due really soon


    I want to learn about the anode; why steel works works to "get oxygen out of the air" and into the chemical reaction. I will read books to learn this if it's hard to explain but can refer me to a book. Thanks.

    aluminium-zinc = 17 Volt work? with or without sodium hydroxide?
    video too fast.
    For understandable video of copper zinc battery: (in French)
    The result is of ~ 1 volt, 0.6 A battery
    with 4 boxes plastic = > 4volts and 2.4 has enough for some speakers or the leds for a long time

    Does the amount of oxygen affect power output? For instance would this battery perform better at sea level where the oxygen is denser versus 10,000' above sea level?


    I love this idea, however. Can you please tell me what you would use such a battery for ? And how long it would last?

    good current output on this battery , If you use a stainless steel electrode from an alkaline battery instead of zinc . you get an edison battery that puts out about 2 volts and can be recharged many times in fact Thomas Edison powered an electric car using this battery. You could call it an iron/air battery since iron instead of zinc is oxidized. When recharging sodium reduces the iron oxide to iron.

    WOW! this is awesome. I will try it to do something real work. It is cheap & fast. too!

    Please, add captions! Youtube says "Captions are not available".

    I could understand your writed explanation, but I have some doubts:

    1) Is the output around 0.6 Volts?
    2) How many Amps can you get whit this array?
    3) What means the aluminum into the sodium hydroxide solution at the end of the video?

    2 replies

    i just put up captions.

    Sorry about that, captions take time for me to make since i have to write and time everything manually.

    Thanks, NurdRage. I know you do not spare the time, so I very much appreciate your kindness.