Introduction: Make a Abstract Photo in Photoshop

A really cool effect using photoshop! No tools used in the making of this photo!!! Very easy & perfect for beginners.


Kahli (author)2010-04-24

That's pretty cool! I always wondered how to do that but I wasn't brave enough to play with anything in the filtering section :P
Who knew it'd be so easy?! Thanks for a great and easy to follow tutorial :)

whjh (author)2009-07-18

how do you get the red circle around the mouse cursor?

amakerguy (author)whjh2009-07-18

I can't see it when I'm recording but the recording software does that if I want it to. I use camstudio

whjh (author)amakerguy2009-07-30

ok thanks

instructables_user_4783 (author)2009-06-02

This is awesome. Thank You

-henry- (author)2009-05-18

nice. Also, it's pronounced 'radeeal blur.' I should start making these

Suhebat (author)2009-05-12

pretty cool.. I like it. by the way.. how old are you?

amakerguy (author)Suhebat2009-05-12

13... Here is a simple way to remember how to do this effect (print it if you need to)... 1) Open a new document (any size) and reset your colors by pressing D then X. 2) Go to FILTER>RENDER>DIFFERENCE CLOUDS 3) Go to FILTER>BLUR>RADIAL BLUR with these settings: Amount: 100 Blur Method: Zoom Quality: Best 4) Go to FILTER>ARTISTIC>PLASTIC WRAP With these settings Highlight Strength: 15 Detail: 9 Smoothness: 7 5) Do another FILTER>BLUR>RADIAL BLUR With the same settings as before 6) Go to FILTER>STYLIZE>GLOWING EDGES With these settings: Edge width: 2 Edge Brightness: 20 Smoothness: 1 7) press CTRL+U to change the color (Note: Colorize box must be checked)

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