Step 5: The wrong way to do this.

Picture of The wrong way to do this.
If you would like to take the hard road, do it this way:
  1. cut three bags into strips.
  2. double those strips in half, and braid as suggested in step 3.
  3. sew both ends of the finished braid closed.
  4. trim off the excess.
  5. sew together multiple braids by folding the ends in (as shown in the last picture) and sewing around the edges.
  6. repeat, repeat, repeat.
  7. curse your needle.
  8. curse your thread.
  9. curse the plastic bag gods.
  10. begin using your teeth to pull the needle through the doubled-over-already-sewn-braid-meeting-lumps.
  11. call your dentist.
  12. take a nap because you're now in Grumpytown and the WHOLE DAY IS RUINED
As you can see nothing good comes of this. Move along to a happier place by checking out the right way to do this!
I was not expecting the funny parts * te he*. After a gloomy day and internet failure this made my day.