Picture of Make a bathroom vanity out of an old dresser
In this instructable I will show you how to make a bathroom vanity from an old dresser.

What you need:

Old dresser
5/8" thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
5/8" this painted OSB (Oriented Strand Board)
scrap wood pieces
leg levelers
counter top
various wood screws

tablesaw or circular saw with a guide
a small drill press is useful but not necessary
crescent wrenches
pipe wrench
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Step 1: Find a suitable dresser

Picture of Find a suitable dresser
We were renovating our bathroom and wanted to have a nice vanity to go with it. A lot of the options out there were either crap or too expensive. We had an old dresser hanging around that we thought might do the trick. To make sure that the dresser is suitable, measure your old vanity to see how wide it is. Our old one was 36" and out of sheer luck this dresser was also 36". Perfect match. You also want to make sure that it is solid enough. This one was made out of solid birch and had no cracks in it.

Step 2: Prepare the dresser

Picture of Prepare the dresser
Get the dresser ready to start working on it. My steps were to remove the drawers. Since the drawers were also solid wood I kept them to use as scrap pieces. I left in the top divider to help support the false drawer that will be added. Remove the bottom divider to make ample room for access to storage. Paint or stain the dresser to suit your tastes. In our case we painted the dresser white. Since there is not a lot of work done on the outside of the dresser, it does not hurt to apply the finish early. However if you want to be extra cautious you could wait until you are ready to install it. To ensure that the dresser was of the correct height I cut off the legs shorter than I needed so I could later add levelers.
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CaptainJester (author)  CamK117 days ago

I didn't cover it. The position of everything in the bathroom made it almost impossible to notice so it was not necessary to cover it.

Ramos582 months ago

Making bathroom vanity out of an old dresser is such an innovative thing which i would like to appreciate it. Your idea really works well and it looks contemporary in design. Painting it according to our taste adds more fun and enthusiasm.

Wow, it really looks great!!!

CaptainJester (author)  shelba.ellison2 months ago

Thank you.

CaptainJester (author) 11 months ago

Thanks guys.

Una1 year ago
Wow. Gorgeous.
layla hai2 years ago
very great and inspiring tutorial...I was looking for something like this as the vanities in market are so expensive
bobdillard2 years ago
you could have hinged the drawer front from the bottom and added storage compartments to the back side.
CaptainJester (author)  bobdillard2 years ago
Good idea. I will have to see if I can modify mine.

chobbs19572 years ago
Great idea, and good work. I may use this one day....
CaptainJester (author)  chobbs19572 years ago
Thanks. Glad you liked it.