In this instructable I will show you how to make a bathroom vanity from an old dresser.

What you need:

Old dresser
5/8" thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
5/8" this painted OSB (Oriented Strand Board)
scrap wood pieces
leg levelers
counter top
various wood screws

tablesaw or circular saw with a guide
a small drill press is useful but not necessary
crescent wrenches
pipe wrench

Step 1: Find a Suitable Dresser

We were renovating our bathroom and wanted to have a nice vanity to go with it. A lot of the options out there were either crap or too expensive. We had an old dresser hanging around that we thought might do the trick. To make sure that the dresser is suitable, measure your old vanity to see how wide it is. Our old one was 36" and out of sheer luck this dresser was also 36". Perfect match. You also want to make sure that it is solid enough. This one was made out of solid birch and had no cracks in it.
<p>amazing job! Looks a thousand times better than box store vanities!!!!</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>You have skills no doubt. But I'm just really puzzled that you removed the drawers and put in doors instead. I know the drawers would have had to be modified to fit around the plumbing, but I just find drawers infinitely more functional than a big giant opening you have to bend down and look into. </p>
<p>Making drawers that will slide properly and fit around the plumbing is more work than I wanted to do. This dresser was pretty old and action on the drawers was already not that great.</p>
<p>wondering what the dimensions are of your dresser?</p>
<p>31&quot; x 17&quot; and with the counter top on it it is 31&quot; off the floor. I cut the legs down and put adjustable feet to get the height I wanted. Also those dimensions are for the body. The top is about an inch out the front and the 2 sides.</p>
<p>Wow, it really looks great!!!</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>Thanks guys.</p>
Wow. Gorgeous.
very great and inspiring tutorial...I was looking for something like this as the vanities in market are so expensive
you could have hinged the drawer front from the bottom and added storage compartments to the back side.
Good idea. I will have to see if I can modify mine. <br> <br>Thanks.
Great idea, and good work. I may use this one day....
Thanks. Glad you liked it.

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