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Introduction: Make a Batman Logo

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Dark Knight Wall Clock by shippityboppity

is so cool, I wanner make a batman logo too. I don't have many tools but just a scissors and the material is a packaging shell of computer memory chip.

Step 1: The Material

Find some black material so that don't need to paint and thin so that easy to cut with a scissors.

I found my material, it's a packaging shell of memory chip, which was to be thrown threw into the trash.

It's plastic and black and soft. That's just ok.

Step 2: Copy the Shape to a Paper

Find a batman logo image. Open it with windows photo viewer and adjust to a proper size.

Then cover a paper on the screen and trace the shape.

If you are good at drawing, oh....skip.....

If not, we can trace the shape like this, especially some complex shape for us.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape

Affix adhesive tape to the plastic.

Finally Cut out the shape with scissors.

Compare to the original logo, hum, basically ok but just a little fat...




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    5 Comments is just a basic technique you used to make any logo...:-)

    2 replies

    That's it.Thank you! :)

    wait for your another simple trick which anyone can use without any hectic ;)

    Thank you! :)