Introduction: Make a Battery Cell Holder Out of 2 Soda Bottle Caps

Here Her is how I made a 1.5v battery cell easy connetet too  easily connected to wires.


prestux (author)2012-01-13

Excellent idea.
Holding it together with a section of bicycle inner tube would make replacing the battery much faster/easier and would save on electrical tape. And you could possibly use the tubing for waterproofing as well.

ovestein (author)prestux2012-01-13

If only I had a bicycle inner tube, to test this idea. :-)

prestux (author)ovestein2012-01-13

Check with the bike shops in your area.
They may have some that are being thrown away because of some form of damage, sections of them are still perfectly useful for our purposes.

There are many uses for old inner tubes, check out some of the clever Instructables on this site regarding possible uses.
Here is one for example:

CaseyCase (author)2012-01-11

Here is how I made a 1.5v battery cell easily connected to wires.

ovestein (author)CaseyCase2012-01-11

yes a clock....

CaseyCase (author)ovestein2012-01-11


ovestein (author)CaseyCase2012-01-12

next time I'll use Google translator :-)