Here Her is how I made a 1.5v battery cell easy connetet too  easily connected to wires.

Excellent idea.<br>Holding it together with a section of bicycle inner tube would make replacing the battery much faster/easier and would save on electrical tape. And you could possibly use the tubing for waterproofing as well.
If only I had a bicycle inner tube, to test this idea. :-)
Check with the bike shops in your area.<br>They may have some that are being thrown away because of some form of damage, sections of them are still perfectly useful for our purposes.<br><br>There are many uses for old inner tubes, check out some of the clever Instructables on this site regarding possible uses. <br>Here is one for example:<br> https://www.instructables.com/id/10-of-1000-Uses-for-Old-Bicycle-Tubes/ <br>.<br>
Here is how I made a 1.5v battery cell easily connected to wires.
yes a clock....
next time I'll use Google translator :-)

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