Step 2: Prepare to build

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Before you start building, you should probably lay out a design for you're iron. The one that I am using to show you is just a quick one that I made for the sake of this Instructable. I am currently planning a nicer one but I wanted to do this Instructable before someone else takes my ideas. I put a diagram on here to give you a basic layout on how to assemble the iron. This iron draws up to 1.7 amps so don't use any components that can't handle that. Most can though, so don't worry about it to much. I could have put a schematic on here, but since this is supposed to be an instructable that most people can understand. Try to collect all the materials that you need and see if you can find a nice enclosure for it. As you can see, I modified, and mounted components on that. What I will eventually do is to use a fancy necklace box and mount everything in there. That make it fancy, portable, and easy to change the batteries. You just flip open the cover. I'll post a picture of my started project with this enclosure. Also, if you want to make this a plug in iron, you will need to replace the battery pack with a 6 volt 1.5-2.0 amp D.C wall wart.
kishore1361 year ago
what is the tip made of??