This is my first instructable. Please forgive any mistakes and be kind in your comments.

After searching for a way to secure head phone / ear bud cords I came up with this. I my case the cost is zero dollars and since I have lots of laces I have all I need to make as many as I need.

The materials used were:
a shoe lace
3 mm heat shrink tubing
.3 mm plastic

The tools used were:
duck bill pliers
2.9 mm knitting needle (could be sharp toothpick or even a sharp pencil or the small end of an embossing tool)
small torch
Hole punch

Step 1: Make a Better Cord Tie

If you only intend to make two cord ties, you can skip using the heat shrink as the end of the shoe lace has two finished ends, Cut it in the middle and then cut each end to the length of tie you want to make. However, if you do this, you will not have the benefit of being able to make the heat shrink into a point which may be easily passed through the material of the lace when you are ready to thread it through. If you try to do this with the blunt end of the shoe lace you may find it very difficult. I suggest you save yourself the aggravation and just use the heat shrink. Of course, if you do not have access to a heat shrink you can do it with enough patience and time.

Before I go any further, I should mention - DO NOT use a torch unsupervised if you are not old enough to do so. DO exercise extreme caution when the torch is lit. If you have one, keep a fire extinguisher handy just in case. Probably the safest place to do this may be in a stainless steel sink.

Begin by cutting a length of heat shrink just shorter than the finished end of the shoelace. Cut off one end of the shoelace and thread the finished end through the heats rink. Work the heat shrink down the length of the shoelace until your are close to the other end. Where you stop will determine the length of the finished tie wrap.

When you have positioned the heat shrink cut the lace even with it.

The next step requires you to position the heat shrink so that the lace does not go all the way to the end. Be careful! If you pull it off or too far there is no going back. You will have to start over with a new piece as it will be impossible to get the lace back into the heat shrink. I find the safest way is to grip the lace at the base of the heat shrink and bend the heat shrink sideways. This will cause the lace to be withdrawn from the heat shrink and you will have full control of just how far.

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