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Introduction: Make a Bracelet Out of a Fork

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All around you, you see jumbles. We have begun to give these jumbles new life. 
Starting with turning forks into cute bracelets.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

It's very cheap to make this bracelet. You only need some pliers and a gas burner. Of course you need to have an old fork (with long tines) . For finishing we use sandpaper.

So here's the list:
* Pliers
* Gasburner
* Sandpaper
* Fork
* (Hammer)

Step 2: Preparing the Fork and Making the Shape

First, bend two of the tines a bit down like on the picture.
After that, heat the fork so you can bend it easily. Then bend the tines in the shape you want. In this case we use 2 hearts who cross each other.

Step 3: The Top Part

When you are finished making the shape, you can begin to bend it so you can use it as a bracelet. Begin with the top part by heating it. Don't forget to cool it in water!

Step 4: The Lower Part

After bending the top part, you can bend the lower part into the right shape to make the bracelet. Again by heating the fork.
Cool it and try whether it can fit around your arm.

Step 5: The Final Part

Shed the bracelet to make it look clean. This may take a while.

Step 6: Finished

You have now made your own bracelet out of a fork. Have fun with it.
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Cool, thanx

Okay something is wrong lol. Do some forks break if made out of certain materials? I bought a handful of forks at a garage sale and each time I go to bend them they break, even heated, It's like its almost plastic but its not.


I've spent the past five hours or so working a common stainless steel fork into a cool design! Having a large variety of pliers, from every day work pliers down to jewelry pliers, helps a ton. Various metal files are a great help as well. I will be using my Dremel to clean it up.

Looking at just the head of the fork/bracelet, I think that you could make an awesome pendant through this method. Flatten the fork out, bend the tines into a design of your choice, and cut the head off of the handle of the fork. From here, you can cut, drill, or file away metal as desired. Finish it off with a small hole to accommodate a jump ring! I saw a related Instructable where they layered forks so as to have additional tines to work with.

Nice idea, maybe I can make it another time, thanks

Was this made from a silver plated fork or a piece of regular flatware that we use now?