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Introduction: Make a Bunny Ear Top Hat

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Takes only 30 minutes to make. Made it for a friend's birthday. :D

Step 1: Cut Out Bunny Ears Pattern and Sew

  1. Use the attached PDF or make a quick template of your own.
  2. Cut out 4 pieces from satin.
  3. Sew it inside out, then flip inside out, and then iron smooth.
  4. (Optional) Fold ear flap and sew in place
​If you fold the ear flaps, make sure to double check before you sew them down. Otherwise, you could end up with two left ears.

Step 2: Prepare the Top Hat

This is an inexpensive top hat from a costume store. 
  1. Bend a 2 wire hangers straight.
  2. Connect the ends to form one long piece. (Hint: Use the twists that are already there.)
  3. Punch holes on both sides at the inner brim.
  4. Insert the wire.

Step 3: Secure the Wire

  1. Bend the wire as shown.
  2. Ensure a good tight fit - the wire should not be very visible from the side.
  3. Hot glue in place.
The top hat is thermoformed so using too much hot glue will deform the hat. That is why I placed the glue point in the back. The most important thing is follow the contours of the hat. If you don't, it could press against your head and give you a headache after a while.

Step 4: Trim Wire and Hot Glue Bunny Ears

  1. Measure the satin ear against the wire.
  2. Add an extra 2-4 cm (1-1.5 in) and cut.
  3. Bend wire onto itself so to prevent poking.
  4. Slip on ears and secure the sides with hot glue.
  5. Bend gently to give a nice look.
It's better to leave a little extra wire so that you can adjust the length. You can lower or raise it curling the wire more or less. You can also sew it in place, but I didn't have enough time or patience to do it. 

Step 5: You're Done!

Wearing it feels awesome because everyone smiles when they see it. 



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oh awesome idea dude! :D

Thank you thank you!

My friend wore it out for his birthday. Yay!

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