Step 4: Testing everything out and what apps to use

Picture of Testing everything out and what apps to use
You finished your cable, everything is connected but how can you be sure you didn't screw up without spending your hard earned cash on apps?

Easy. Remember that app on the first screen called Voice Memos the one that came with the your iThing and you never use, because you don't have a mic and if you do you were busy screwing around with auto tune or making your friends sound like chipmunks?

Open that app and press record if you did everything right every time you play a note the needle at the bottom of the screen will move, and you can record your guitar with your iThingy!

Sure it sounds bad, but it's a start and it means everything is working fine.
Now quick to iTunes and let's download some apps.

I won't go into too much detail, but as of today, there are 3 apps that sound very good and will allow you to use your iThingofabob as an amp:

- PRS Jam Amp - The most expensive one, but it includes a tuner and a nice music player that allows you to jam along with your uploaded songs and slow them down or change their pitch.

- Amps & Cabs - Quite cheap at 79 cents and sounds great. You get three amps and three cabs, all of them with different tones and gain stages.

- RiotFX- Also costs 79 cents, you only get one amp, but several effects, that you can use at the same time. The sound is very good and plus you get stompboxes to play with, every musician likes that.

The last picture has nothing to do with the instructable, but It was the guitar I used to test the cable so it deserves some credit, plus everybody likes guitar shots and before anyone asks it's a Tokai Telecaster.

Well that's it for my first instructable hope it's easy to understand. Feel free to make any suggestions and point out ways I can improve my instructables, ask any questions, and share your experiences.

Thank you for reading it, I hope it was useful.
I tried with android but it keeps on recording anbient sound
Any sugestions
iraklilion4 years ago
Hello, can you send me the schematic of this? I cant understand a lot from this pictures. pleas send me schematic. I have 4 pin audio conector only I dont know which wire where would be soldiered. thak you.
Eganov4 years ago
First, great post! Love it. However, if you have an old set of iPhone headphones with handsfree chop the phones an use that as guitar input and phones output.
Nathan_h5 years ago
Cool project. There is a new app now in the store called amplitube which is also worth trying. But the tone control idea is on the right track to the wrong solution. Ithink it's impedance that you want to alter not tone to get the right kind of guitar sound.
Hey, cool ideas. I wish I had an iPhone to try this with, but I can tell you why it sounds bad in voice memos. The reason is that the guitar's magnetic pickups really like to pick up middle frequencies more than bass or treble. What you could do is wire up a tone circuit that takes those middle frequencies and dips them down to be more even. That's what regular guitar amps do.
wolftracer5 years ago
This is a great idea. However instead of all of the soldering you could just use rca adapters instead of the 1/4 jacks. An rcaF to 1/4" F on the red and a 2-rcaF Y to a single 1/8" stereo Female. But, using a small enclosure to house it all would be good too. You could actually make the enclosure the RCA -1/4 connector and the Y by using 3 RCA F on one side and the 1/4" mono and the 1/8" stereo on the other side so that you aren't limited in case that cable end craps out.