Step 10: Ink the Nib - Do Not Dip

It's a "dip pen" - but, DO NOT DIP IT! Dipping will overload it and blots will go everywhere.

You should ink it from the back side only using some kind of applicator.
Here I am using an eyedropper out of a bottle of cheap india ink. Ink up the cavity with lots of ink, but don't go overboard.
Muy bueno el tutorial, me gusto mucho . Felicitaciones y Saludos desde ARGENTINA
Nice! You can use a dowel rod (1/4 inch or so) and do the same thing. You can create a great chiseled edge that can give you those fine lines and broad strokes. If you do it right they can work better than the store baught ones! <br> <br>Enjoy!
I used to do this with the quill of a feather.
culd i use regular pen ink?
Like, ballpoint pen ink? Or fountain pen ink? There's no way to get ballpoint ink to flow properly - it's a gel type ink that requires the motion of the ball to apply it to the paper. That's why it only comes in the little tubes in the pens, not in bottles. Fountain pen ink - probably will work. It is a lot thinner though and will likely be absorbed into the reed. I'm guessing it may write kind of sputtery, but you can give it a shot. The india ink is only $1 for a bottle though, it's practically free compared to any other sort of ink.
Will bamboo work?
What's a bulrush look like? Could you give a link or picture so someone can find one if they call it something else (like cattails)?
Yep, a bulrush is called a cattail in the USA, I believe. Updated the title to clarify. Any long, hollow, woody reed will do, however.
That is awesome! You explained it really well and I like your kitty =3 Meow.<br/>
Woah... nice. I will finish it up to the 5th step... and use it for other reasons. Just kidding, hahahaha.

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