Camping is lots of fun. However most of us enjoy a shower at least once in a while on prolonged trips and not every campground has a shower house. There are lots of instructables on how to make a shower, but what do you do about getting a little privacy while you use it? Here's how to make a quick and easy shower area out of PVC that can double as a changing area if need be.. Although not ideal for backpacking, i think it's going to be great for those of us who are car campers.

Step 1: Don't be a tool

It doesn't take much in the way of tools to put this shower area together. A drill and bit, some pliers, and something to cut the PVC pipe with.
<p>Thanks this is very doable. Great design.</p>
<p>I made one of these a couple of years ago, but I just threaded the rope through the eyes when I got to the site instead of installing a center piece. This turned out great since the only place to hang it was right up against a tree, so the far eyes could have longer ropes going back towards the trunk and the near ones could go straight up. From the side it was like:</p><p> /|</p><p>/ |</p><p>if that makes sense.</p>
<p>Excellent instructable! You can also add 4 T-joints and pieces of 6-long PVC pipe, and have a self-standing enclosure, in case you are in a no-tree area...</p><p>Also: you can cut all pieces in half, and use connectors to put them together, which will make all pieces 3' or so long, and thus easy to keep in a small bag. </p><p>Overall: a great instructable!</p>
<p>love the idea, I did this with an patio umbrella. glued velcro to outside of unbrella, glued velcro to shower curtains. hammered piece of pvc in ground. insert umbrella. worked like a charm.</p>
maybe I'm just a paranoid Looney, but I'd probably adjust some of this construction to be a lot longer so I can see over, I wouldn't want to be changing, or showering, and someone steal my things and or try to hurt me. if I was alone that would be my biggest concern. but this is a really clever instructable, and something very useful for camping.
<p>Nice idea and great explanation- thanks :)</p>
test tedy
<p>This is so smart - being able to break it down all the way is great :D</p>

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