Introduction: Make a Card Finger Skateboard!

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first i have to say ive broken my right arm so im sorry if sloppy spelling
What you need:
PVA glue
Mold (make your own with some tech decks)
design for top and bottom (i used graffiti for bottom and wood for top)

Step 1:

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place your pattern for the top (mines a wood design) on the mold.
smother in glue then place a piece of card the shape of a finger skateboard (out line a tech deck then cut)

Step 2:

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repeat this 2 more times so you now have 3 layers of cardboard.

Step 3:

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now glue the bottom piece on to the card.

Step 4:

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wait 30-45 minutes for the glue to dry whilst it is in the mold.

Step 5:

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next sand the sides and edges to make it look smooth.

Step 6:

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BOOM! theres your first deck. i would recommend drying for a hour to get a good pop.


constructobot (author)2015-03-09

Sup where did u find the mold. The instructable was awesome. Keep doing them

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