This instructable shows how to make a  really nice looking and sturdy swords for children, which may also be (just maybe) used as daggers for LARP, BURP, CHIRP or SLURP.

The basic principle is to put the thinner but stronger tube into the larger tube to make a “full tang” style sword.

This design makes a very sturdy sword that can take some beating. Therefore a hard stab or hit will probably hurt. Also you want your kids not to be gouging out eyes left and right, so be careful. It may be a good idea to make the tip blunt if you have got small Vikings in the house.

Step 1: Materials Needed.

What you need:

- cardboard tube from a paper towel (if you have access to longer tubes even better)

- stronger cardboard tube with smaller diameter

- card board tube from toilet paper (not pictured)

- small flat boxes from chocolate, cheese, pills…

- glue (I used my hot glue pistol)

- something to mark with and...

- something for cutting

and of course a pig’s head, some mandrake and a human heart. Wait… WHAT?... Erm… I’m sorry that is for another project.
Merci beaucoup pour cette. :) (Thank you very much for that.)
very nice, and easy
Nice Job! My son is going to enjoy making one of these, thanks.
This looks like a really good prop!

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