Make a Cassette Loop for About 6 Seconds.





Introduction: Make a Cassette Loop for About 6 Seconds.

I saw this in a Punk-fan-zine, Just passing on the idea.

Step 1: Un Screw..

Unscrew the five screws and open the cassette carefully so you don't
loose any parts.

Step 2: Unwind

Unwind the reels, measure and cut the desired section of the tape.
mine measures about 8 11/16ths in inches.

Step 3: Tape

with masking tape, tape the two ends flush with eachother. Make sure that you tape the back side only.

Step 4: Place It

Place it back on one of the reels (see red pattern). Screw the cassette back together.
Place it into a tape deck and enjoy. You can also record over what is currently there.
I think you get about 6 seconds of running time.
So go anoy your family or use it to learn that one guitar lick in that one song that you like so much.



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    Instead of using multiple cassette players, I use loop cassettes (sometimes my own, sometimes answering machine tape) in four-track machines. I wrote a whole article about this technique, it's really interesting, and pretty damn cheap, these days.

    I also have an ongoing project I call Repetitive Miniatures which is nothing but recordings of cassette loops I've built up with the four-track.

    It's definitely a bitch to make your own tapes, but you can sometimes still find splicing blocks at Radio Shack which help a lot.

    Aw man... can I design you a new website? The concept is cool, but the presentation is such an eyesore >.<

    Hey, I have the zine that this came from! It was originally done in "How to Zine" published out of Richmond, then republished in Making Stuff and Doing Things (the zine collection book with Christy Roads' art on the front). If you got it from one of these and haven't read the other, check it out! They're both excellent!

    You know everyone thinks the weird one in the beatles was John, but it was Paul who started with all the crazy tape loops...

    Great I wanted so long ago to make this loop but didnt think it work now I got my loop anyway i didnt tape it I used uhu

    you dont need this for vw radios they automaticly reverse the tape

    this is great for driving people crazy! a never ending loop of myself making a really obnoxious noise! I Like It!

    Whoa thanks for sharing this looping technique, this is right up my alley. I don't believe documentation is totally necessary to get this idea across.+


    That would be cool for an old school guitar loop/delay/echo. Now all I need is an old tape recorder to hack.