Picture of Make a cassette loop for about 6 seconds.
I saw this in a Punk-fan-zine, Just passing on the idea.

Step 1: Un screw..

Unscrew the five screws and open the cassette carefully so you don't
loose any parts.
daryl shawn8 years ago
Instead of using multiple cassette players, I use loop cassettes (sometimes my own, sometimes answering machine tape) in four-track machines. I wrote a whole article about this technique, it's really interesting, and pretty damn cheap, these days.

I also have an ongoing project I call Repetitive Miniatures which is nothing but recordings of cassette loops I've built up with the four-track.

It's definitely a bitch to make your own tapes, but you can sometimes still find splicing blocks at Radio Shack which help a lot.
Aw man... can I design you a new website? The concept is cool, but the presentation is such an eyesore >.<
Hey, I have the zine that this came from! It was originally done in "How to Zine" published out of Richmond, then republished in Making Stuff and Doing Things (the zine collection book with Christy Roads' art on the front). If you got it from one of these and haven't read the other, check it out! They're both excellent!
You know everyone thinks the weird one in the beatles was John, but it was Paul who started with all the crazy tape loops...
tvvintage6 years ago
Great I wanted so long ago to make this loop but didnt think it work now I got my loop anyway i didnt tape it I used uhu
Derin7 years ago
you dont need this for vw radios they automaticly reverse the tape
I'm thinking about building a "mellotron" similar to this:

using this technique.
Rockerx7 years ago
this is great for driving people crazy! a never ending loop of myself making a really obnoxious noise! I Like It!
Whoa thanks for sharing this looping technique, this is right up my alley. I don't believe documentation is totally necessary to get this idea across.+
Ohm8 years ago
That would be cool for an old school guitar loop/delay/echo. Now all I need is an old tape recorder to hack.
bluey Ohm8 years ago
I'd say a multi loop pedal (with the possibility to do 4 echo with adjustable delay controlled by the pedal release). This would involve a good micro controller programming though... ;)
bluey bluey8 years ago
A mock device done in Inkscape... :-P
bluey bluey8 years ago
The direction and duration could be adjusted too, controlling the motor speed (within the possibilities of the tape sound quality, etc).
Ohm bluey8 years ago
For more repeats all you have to do is feed the signal back from the read head to the record head with a pot which allows you to adjust the number of repeats.
elderek8 years ago
tried it and it didnt work. tape kept slipping.
Aestheticxtattoos (author)  elderek8 years ago
check the tension on the tape.
cylver8 years ago
Perhaps something could be worked out with a small roller on a lever arm, spring loaded to provide tensioning? That way, no matter the length of the tape (limited by the length of the spring, and the laws of geometry) the tape wouldn't go slack.
b.scott8 years ago
Don't forget to check out this instructables, too. I think we've worked out (in theory) most of the problems, I just haven't actually pulled it off (yet). You could amybe make some kind of multi looper with analog cassette tapes playing drones/crazy drum loops/walls of nosie, and the digital looper playing a chord progression/loop/more process beat.

cdog9348 years ago
Pretty sure the tape goes at 1 7/8 inches per second. You could make different sized loops by sending it over the other hub. Getting the tension right will keep the tape machine happier.
Ghauldin8 years ago
Just made one with superglue and extremely cheap blank casette. looks good enough... Now I need a tape recording device to see if it works.
civvic2k18 years ago
whats a tape recorder???
nobody8 years ago
I wonder if this is the trade secret that the ice cream man told me about...
Aestheticxtattoos (author)  nobody8 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! street vendors, including the Ice cream man, are banned from my town. I live just out side the lines of chicago. So I try to wave them down every time they pass through here. I do what I can to piss off the cops. :)
Is there any way to measure the exact section of music you want so that it is only what plays or is it more of a guess?
hmm...You coud try playing the cassette before you take it appart and mark the section you like? no?
robot8 years ago
this is great thing for techno music lovers :-D
Mr.Devious8 years ago
Looks pretty cool
royalestel8 years ago
Pretty neat. I'd recommend adding pictures for each step and fixing the capitalization for readability.
Aestheticxtattoos (author)  royalestel8 years ago
I will add pictures ( and maybe a video) asap. thanks for the feed back everyone!
PetervG8 years ago
Real pictures, this looks really useful.
Aestheticxtattoos (author) 8 years ago
This is my first. Any improvs let me know.