Step 3: Making the Projector

To make the projector, hot glue the Magnifying Glass inside the Box and let it dry.

(If you need help, see the photos or comment)

Is there a way of double inverting the image so it flips back to the right way up using two glasses?
<p>Can anyone please tell me the glass power or pecular magnification glass type.I have bought a 4x magnification glass with 60mm wide and does as per the instructions,but only a blur image exactly there is only a blurred form of light and if i do with 6x glass with 2.2 cm radius i can see it only a small image.NOTE the the both lens comes on the handle of the same as a combo.Please someone help me to sort out,what is the problem.</p>
had to figure a way with the small box and magnifying glass I had, but I impressed with a &quot;first try&quot;
<p>what kind of magnifying glass did you use?</p>
a standard glass from a set of &quot;helping hands&quot;
<p>I tried this but I only get a white light image. I tried focusing back and forth but nothing happens. What magnifying glass did you use? I think it's the problem. When I first tried it, I use my moms eye glasses (which is concave obviously) and I see some flipped blurry image with colors slightly visible so I thought It would really work If I buy a real magnifying glass but It does not work so I'm thinking that the magnifying glass needed should be concave.</p>
Can I play games while projecting<br>
<p>While your phone is inside a box?</p>
HEY!!!! I KNOW YOU, you're from that you tube channel called house hold hacker
How do you do that with the accelerometer?
Been looking for a long time can't wait Tory thx
Credit the source of your content.&nbsp;<iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/CqPntijMrbU" width="560"></iframe>&nbsp;This is quite obviously stolen.
i tried this project a hundred time but it does not work I am sure I follow your structure step by step but the result was like a normal torch please help because I am so interested&gt;&gt;&gt; <br>anther question is if I want use a mirror to improve the quality should I use a normal mirror or a Convex mirror or .....????? <br>thanks so much
if i wanted to use my laptop, would this system work? assuming that i used a box big enough to put my laptop in. and maybe a bigger magnifying glass.
talk to me on this web site <br>
looks great thanks
i wonder if i add a bulb if it will be brighter
I tried this projector with a condenser lens {picked from a film still camera} ,so that i get a small and dim image
Interesting project, but don't you need to focus the image? Does it come out clear enough? How big is the image and how far can you project it?
To focus the image I simply move the box(projector) forward, or backwards. If you put the box to far from the wall, the image will get a little bit bigger but blurred. The image is a little bit dark compared to a real projector, but for 3$ what could we ask more? Thanks
Worth going tothe dollar store just to get a couple of cheap lenses. Wonderif two lenses will get the image without inverting it....
I'm going to try this one!
WoW I'm going to make this instructable it looks so cool !!! ; - )
You need a mirror in order to put the image in normal mode. Otherwise you can't read texts as you do, left to right. Anyway, good try!
Yes, you're right. I tried to see a text and the words were backwards. I didn't even know that because i just use the projector to see photos and movies without subtitles. But still is good to watch photos and small movies(without subtitles). Thanks for the comment!
So...many projector projects specify fresnel lenses and other complicated bits. Why doesn't this project need those?
Because this is just going to amplify the light(photo/movie) from the LCD of your cellphone into the wall. It's not real Projector.
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ha! fun! how does the image look?
The image isn't that bad for a 3$ Projector, you can only see it with the lights off but still is fun the watch movies &amp; photos. The image is a little bit more darker than a real 200$ Projector.
very interesting concept and idea, good share!
Thanks, it's not as good as a real Projector but its fun to watch movies &amp; photos.<br>

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