Introduction: Make a Cheap Shuttlecock

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One day we damaged our remaining shuttlecock (birdie) and did not know where to find one in town. After this simple solution we were back playing. Game on!

Step 1: The Problem - a Dead Birdie!

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We hit em hard - this one didn't last.

Step 2: Get a Used Plastic Bottle - Try Not to Buy Them, Find One!

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We're going to cut with an exacto knife. Any really sharp knife will do, but be sure to follow the rules - be safe and carve away from you.

Step 3: The Cuts

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Cut the bottle an appropriate length - this one may be a bit too short, but you get the idea. Then, cut strips lengthwise so that air/drag will be introduced.

Step 4: Weight!

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Remove the cap. Drill a hole in it. I used a 3/16", but 1/4" also works.

Step 5: Final Step - Put in Nut & Bolt & PAINT!

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A simple nut & bolt through the hole for the weight is put on. Tighten and add washers if you want more weight. You'll need to experiment a bit. Then spray paint the shuttlecock your favorite color. What ever is in the basement will work. Do it outside and don't breath the fumes. Let it dry, and game on once again.



1thadeaus1 (author)2009-02-19

its a lot better with the cap off so the airflow can get thru it and have a lot less air resistance.

reedz (author)2008-06-17

This is an awesome quick fix. For later on though, just check any sporting goods store, they should have them near the tennis equipment (I know it's badmitton but it is similar)

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