Step 4: The Perch

Chickens need to perch, so choose one or two branches 2-3 cm in diameter for their perch. Run the stick across the middle of the coop, wedging it between the woven branches. It should be long enough that it can protrude from either side of the coop and be able to take the weight of a few chickens.
Excellent - even looks like a rather whacky piece of art XD This would really be a fun thing for kids to try, and I love how you improvised the whole thing from just stuff you had around your own farm. Now this is the kind of thing I love seeing on instructables!
This is so much nicer than the dung-wattle technique used in some countries for dwellings! It makes me think that a pretty good organic planting patch could be created (only use biodegradeable materials!) by allowing the chicken poop to remain inside, and when the rains melt the coop it will all turn into a nice puddle of compost by the next year. Perfect for planting a fruit tree or bush.

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