Materials used:

wood glue
contact cement
pex tubing for hoops( big box lumber yard has this- 1/2 inch)
cardboard boxes
roofing foam board insulation( big box lumber yard)
duct tape red white and yellow
2 clementine boxes
wood for the pole box
wood for pole - i used a square pole that I cut to fit the box and hand planed to make it round down below the box
fabric: colors of your choice I used a polyester "china silk for $2.99/ yard. I used 30 yards of yellow, for the body and head.
     I used about 5 yards of orange polyester satin and  3 yards red poly satin. I had some black polar fleece and some lt gray 
     linen scraps for the eyes.
5 feet of 3/4 inch foam
scraps of 1 inch foam for teeth
 Wonder under- this comes from a fabric store. It is an iron on glue.


drill and bits
utility knife
rotary cutter
sewing machine
hand sewing needles
electric hand plane

Step 1: Make the Skull and Pole Box.

I know you will ask this - it took 31 hours to make the head. I will show how I made the body in another instructable.
Here's the start of my process to make the dragon head.  I needed to make the skull and pole support. I used two clementine boxes,  some wood scraps, and pex tubing to make the skull. Any of the big box lumber yards carry pex tubing. I used 1/2 inch. I  made hoops using the pex tube. I used 1/2 inch dowel cut into 2 1/2 inch lengths to hold the tube in circular shape.

I removed the bottom in one of the clementine boxes. I cut two 1/2 inch plywood scraps to fit inside the box. I glued and screwed the board to the boxes to hold them together.

I chose to make a box to receive the pole. I used a 7 ft square 1/1/2 in board for the pole. I left the pole square where it would fit into the box and planed the board to a round below the box. In the picture where I am gluing up the box, one of the pieces inside the box is just a spacer, which I remove because the pole needs to fit in. The other is glued in to act as a stop for the pole. I glue and screw the pole box to the skull. I put the box at the front of the skull hoping to balance the weight for the person holding her up.

I wired the hoops to the box skull. Note the different size hoops.
That's Really cool! It's not the "Traditional" method, but the results are AWESOME! Well Done!
Good thing I didn't know the traditional method! Thanks
This is really awesome! I'm a big fan of dragons in general, but this is way cool! I can't tell you how impressed I am! Thank you for posting this!
Thank you so much. My first Instructable. Spelling mistakes and all

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