My friends and I save everything! When one friend suggested I could "do something" with her husbands used guitar strings, I took the challenge.

Step 1: Materials needed:

Guitar string: Acoustic strings tend to be more flexible, but thinner electric also works.
20 and 26 gauge wire: I use regular hardware store 20 gauge for bundling the strings at first, then I use a colored copper wire for the finished product.
Various ribbons and a large needle: I used a satin 3/8"  ribbon for the choker, and satin1/8" to sew the guitar braid to the 3/8" ribbon.
You will also need a small amount of strong glue, like E-6000.

<p>This is cool. It looks really good.</p>
<p>I work with guitar players and I make jewelry. This is so cool. I love the bracelet. Please, please do an instructable on it! Some of the GPs I work with are fairly famous and the fans would LOVE these as contest winners!</p>
<p> I guess I will start working on my second Instructable! Thanks for you encouragement. </p>
Very cool!
<p>I love ideas to repurpose things. You are very creative and have my vote. Hope you win!</p>
<p>nice job...</p>
This would look so cool as a bracelet too, thanks for the idea!
<p>Yea, I've made some cool bracelets too. You're welcome!</p>
<p>This bracelet is fabulous!! Now, get off the computer, and start your next Instuctable!! P.S. Your work is beautiful......</p>
Thats awesome, would you be able to do a tutorial on that too?
<p>Thanks--I was thinking about one for the bracelet. Looking forward to see what you come up with!!</p>
What happened to your ears<br>
Cool idea! I use nylon strings would those be too slick to work with for this?
<p>I've braided nylon strings, but never made jewelry out of them--I think they will work just fine.</p>

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