Build a square wooden frame with nails all around. Tie string round the nails and repeat until all nails are used. You should be left with a cool circle shape and a nice piece of art for very little cost

Step 1: Wanna make some "art" for very little cost.

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Finished project should look like this!
hjjusa4 years ago
this would make an interesting picture frame.
Tommyhzy6 years ago
Nice Instructable! "Bright Finished Nails" work much better, and instead of making a frame, you could buy 3/4 inch plywood, and nail 1-1/4 inch "Bright Finished Nails" into it 1/2 cm apart. Trust me, this works much better. To make your art stand out even more, make a Tessellation Pattern on the plywood before nailing (using complimentary Colours), and make blueprints and make 2 copies of the blueprints, drawn to scale size. That way, you could nail your nails right onto the blueprints without any more measuring! Rip off the nailed paper afterward, throw out, and use the other copy for guidance. Also, use "Embroidery Thread" for yarn, it looks MUCH more colourful, professional, pretty, and if you purchase higher-grade embroidery thread 100% cotton, it will last a LONG LONG time. I did this in Grade 7 before to make an abstract animal face (A Very Long Time Ago) and it's still here! The string is like it's new, and the nails are not rusty! One more tip: Paint the tops of the nails the same colour as the thread threaded through it, otherwise you will have silver dots everywhere. This is my string art from Grade 7: If I were to do this again, I would certainly fill in the entire background of the animal, otherwise it would look kind of transparent.
My Abstract Tiger,Snake,Gorilla Line Art for 7V.JPG
trooperrick7 years ago
It looks like it would be a cool picture frame.
i would always write programs on my TI-83 to make patterns like that...pretty cool!
havoksmane8 years ago
I made artwork similar to this when I was in school, forgot what its called, but its pretty cool. Mine is more star shaped.
Arrgh4068 years ago
at my dive instructor's house he had one that his sister made of an owl on a branch
Keith_Dawg9 years ago
I would sometimes draw these, but yours looks much better. It might also work as the face of a wall clock. Great execution and descriptions!
Birdman9 years ago
That's cool! kinda' like an inside out 'God's Eye' as I remember them being called. Totally Geometric Dude!
DeadlyDad9 years ago
<G> Back in my day, we called it 'string art' (http://tinyurl.com/bt4ql), and used different colours of thread or wire, like this (http://www.janlynn.com/results.cfm?SubCategory=205) or this (http://tinyurl.com/99ebg). I remember making my mom a rather complicated one out of gold and silver wire on black velvet. <HAPPY_SIGH> Ah, good times.

BTW, finishing nails work better.