Make a collapsable table for concerts in the park!


Step 13: Put it all together

Picture of Put it all together
From here, just screw the legs onto the carriage bolts and filp it over.
When you take it apart it rolls up into a handy little bundle.
You can apply a finish if you like. I often use olive oil or brown Kiwi Brand wax shoe polish.
Don't forget to make the Carry Bag too!
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bschless2 years ago
Lovely! Thank you!
JimQPublic3 years ago
Great description! Once I figure out how to support longer legs I may make a few for camping. Our car is too small for most folding tables.
cullenroy3 years ago
this agreat table for many uses. A short piece of webbing looped and stapled to the bottom of an end slat makes for a fine handle.
magpie214 years ago
 I've been wanting to get one of those collapsable camping tables to use when I'm out with my telescope. Instead of buying one, I'll just modify the dimensions a little on this one.
kidproquo5 years ago
You should really use mineral oil. Olive oil will rot and stink. The mineral oil is also edible so you don't have to worry about eating off of the table.
rveinot5 years ago
If you use a metal cross dowel instead of the brass insert, they are a whole lot easier to put in. Just be sure to epoxy the cross dowel in place to stay put, or maybe wrap the leg with a piece of the nylon strap to hold it in the cross hole. Cross dowels are slightly strong, too.
agg5 years ago
Put the proper size nut onto one carriage bolt, and run it up to about 1/2" up from the bottom end. Screw the bolt into a threaded insert until the nut bottoms out on the top of the insert. Using the appropriate wrench on the nut, this is your tool for installing the insert. I do this all of the time except that I use hex head bolts so that I can use a box end wrench.
jwpq495 years ago
What great instructions. I think I'll have to build one this weekend. I think it'll be perfect for all those times I'm at the beach, park, camping, etc and wish i had a table... Thanks!
cybele05 years ago
What an awesome idea, and what a perfect gift for those summer gifty occasions. I could totally see making a carrier out of recycled denim or something. Very nice indeed.
sueL25 years ago
Brilliant. A seperate carry strap is better than leaving long pieces attatched and trailing. Too condusive to accidents
dbm585 years ago
What if you made the nylon strap long enough, you could use it to wrap, bundle the table up including the legs. Maybe even put velcro on the end of the strap.
dpringle5 years ago
This is a very well-described project. Nice piece. I may have to build this one!