So you want to cut out cookie shapes but none of the cookie cutters at the store are your style and you don't feel like waiting/spending/the effort of ordering something from the internet...well don't worry because making cookie cutters requires few (2) tools and even fewer (1) materials.

You'll probably want some paper and a pencil, but you could skip this if it pleases you.

Materials you will need are some thin steel or copper. As far as tools go you'll need a pair of tin snips/shears and some needle nose, or even parallel, pliers.

You could also make a personalized set of cookie cutters as a present, the person you give it to will be amazed by this unique gift.

*the cookie cutter in the picture is made to look like the head of NuuttiPukki, A Finnish mythological character who was like a goat-elf and the basis for modern Santa Claus.

Step 1: Start by drawing (if you want)

It may make it a bit easier to form the sheet how you want to if you begin with drawing the outline of what you want your cookies to look like; make it the exact size you want and keep in mind how long your metal is (it does not go as far as you think).

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